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Default Get Cash for Certain Pokemon

I don't know if I'm allowed to do this on this site, since I just made a profile yesterday. But I am willing to pay actual money through PayPal or any other form that makes us both comfortable for specific Pokemon that I need. Unless there are certain non-legendary Pokemon you want and that I happen to have more, then I can trade those. I'm mostly just playing Soul Silver and Diamond right now, and would prefer to trade with a Gen IV game also, but if you have the pokemon on a Gen V game and are willing to trade it, we can do that too. The Pokemon can't be obtained through an Action Replay or anything like that, I want them legitimately obtained, and they either have to be untrained so I can EV train them or you have to have EV trained the stats a way I think would suffice. The Pokemon I want are:
-Celebi (only if its in a Gen IV game)m
-Shiny Pokemon (tell me who you're willing to trade and I'll tell you if I want that Shiny one)

As you can see, most of these are event Pokemon, I just don't feel like waiting around for another event.