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Default Re: Black and White Easy?

Originally Posted by atucker22 View Post
In both Gen 5 games (White, and Black 2) I didn't black out against any gym leaders or the elite four on my first try. In all the other gens I have had trouble with at least one gym on my first try. It could be because I have far more knowledge of Pokemon know than when I was younger, but I believe the game is easier by a lot. I mean, you can catch super strong advantage pokes before every gym, and the Elite 4 each only had like 4 pokes instead of 5 or 6 like all previous games
You can catch advantageous pokemon types before every gym in every pokemon generation.

I reckon the main reason B/W (2) is easier than the others is because of Audino. You get 'rocketted' up levels battling them.
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