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Official's Post:

The clouds begun to clear and the rain ceased to fall. It was obvious now due to the daylight that the time was somewhere around mid-morning. Perhaps you'd find the owner of Glomm curled up somewhere asleep?

As you continue along the route you notice that Pokemon tracks continue to appear. Suddenly, however, they start to go northwards into some dense forest.

Navi Town was not far away. Following these tracks could easily send you off course.
Logan Falchino
Kunai the Shellder, KatAna the Phanpy, Divebomb the Sunkern
Into the forest.

Despite the muddy terrain, the beautiful sunlight pouring from the sky made Route 2 glisten with the puddles dotting the route's trails and on the trees. It was the kind of thing people want to make detailed paintings over. Regardless of that, there were these tracks. Looked unfamiliar to him, but so would any other Pokemon's footprint. He wasn't a footprint fanatic or anything. When the footprints went northward, however, Logan had a small mental debate.

On one hand, the missing Pokemon was most likely nearby. On the other hand, it appeared to be lost, and lost Pokemon were either distressed (a sign of a good owner) or estatic (a sign of a bad owner). The latter would NOT be appreciated to be caught again, and if it was strong enough, anything nearby may help out of fear. On one hand, the tracks would probably be covered up later today, so may not be able to find the way back. On the other hand...The forests went northward.

He then had an idea. Fairly simple, and it may not work, but possible and better than nothing.

"Divebomb, come out." Logan said. The Sunkern, who got the gist of who this 'Divebomb' was pretty much immediately, stared at the huge behemoth, awaiting an order. "Can you make a trail of leech seeds on these trees?" Logan asked the tiny Seed. We need a marker on the trees so we don't get lost going down that forest. We're looking for a Pokemon, so if you see one, alert me too, OK?"

"Kern Unker!" Divebomb said. Logan pointed at the tree nearest to the tracks, and Divebomb shot out a few seeds on the Tree. Albeit, not being a Pokemon and henceforth offering no bonuses, the vines still spread out regardless, leaving a distinct mark on the trunk.

"Awesome! Let's go." Logan said. Being the fastest creature of the whole of his Pokemon, he took Divebomb and placed him on his Shoulder, and proceeded to follow the tracks...
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