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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 7: Eruption [Part 1]

[You guys most likely haven't seen my profile so I will clear up some things. How I write the battles is slightly different than the games. In the games, pokemon are limited to 4 moves for the organization of the game of course. In my story, the rules will be bent. They might have up to 5 elemental moves, but normal moves (like tackle, headbutt, or any other physical normal [bite as well] ) do not take up a move slot. Moves like tackle will be used by many pokemon, and the only attacks that they can forget are elemental moves (like fire spin, water gun, ect) This goes for Surf and Fly as well. You can't make a winged creature forget how to fly. Can't make a fish forget how to swim. Can't make something with teeth forget how to bite. Anyways, you get my point and I hope you enjoy this next chapter. ]

"Shadow Ball!" Blue exclaimed, breaking the silence with the warm cave. Umbreon opened its mouth and a small black energy ball began to form in its mouth. Purple and blue lightning circled the energy orb while it gradually became larger, then the black pokemon fired it at the Jolteon who was still standing its ground.

"Wild Charge!" ordered Scarlett whenever the Shadow Ball was fired. A bright lightning-charged aura engulfed the small fox pokemon, then it sped towards the vast glob of ghostly energy that was giving off a huge amount of electrical discharge itself, though different in color. Jolteon howled loudly when it hit the Shadow Ball head on, and with all of its might, it tried to break through the haunting ball of energy. Scarlett's Jolteon growled as the electricity around it began to intensify, then surprisingly, it absorbed the purple and blue sparks that were emerging from the ghost-typed attack. The lightning fox's attack had become more powerful. It was able to break through the Shadow Ball, and it ran towards the Umbreon, still growling quite loudly.

Lightning and sparks continued to escape from the aura around Jolteon as it closed in on the Blue's dark fox pokemon at a quick speed, then rammed right into it. The impact of the Wild Charge attack knocked the moonlight fox off its feet and into the air, then it rolled multiple times when it landed back on the stone floor of the cave. The aura around Jolteon subsided, but it barked in victory while it stood proudly above the fallen Umbreon. It ran back onto its own side of the battlefield and it seemed like a smile appeared on its furry face as it waited for its next command. A few stray sparks from the attack waved along its body, then eventually disappeared.

"Heh, not bad." Blue said while he watched his Umbreon get back to its feet. "Faint Attack!" he yelled to his pokemon. The moonlight creature went into a sprint, heading right towards the lightning fox.

"Double Kick!" Scarlett ordered. Both foxes ran towards each other, each making a cry or a growl of some sort until they both reached the middle of the cave. Jolteon pivoted with its front paws, and kicked its hind legs at Umbreon, but right before the attack made contact, the fox of darkness had disappeared into thin air. The yellow and white pokemon turned its head in confusion, looking in all directions, but the umbreon had appeared directly behind it. Jolteon cried out of pain when the moon eeveelution violently crashed into it, knocking it off its feet and causing it to slide a few inches against the rock ground.

"You okay?" Scarlett yelled in concern. Her pokemon was slightly stunned, but it got to its feet once more, still flaming with determination. "Let's show Umbreon your speed!" Jolteon kicked off the ground with its rear legs and sped across the room until it was in front of Blue's pokemon. The electric fox's speed made it seem like it was teleporting all around the umbreon.

"Try firing a few Shadow Balls at its feet to slow it down!" Blue ordered his moonlight fox while his eyes tried keeping up with Jolteon's movements. Umbreon opened its mouth once more, forming another black and purple orb of energy, then fired a smaller ball at the yellow fox's feet whenever it appeared, but the attacks could not connect. The black pokemon fired an onslaught of the ghostly orbs all around the ground, hoping that at least one would hit. It was successful. Three of the Shadow Balls were able to hit the electric fox, which caused it to almost lose its balance.

"Wild Charge!" Scarlett called out. The familiar electrifying aura surrounded Jolteon once again, and it struck the Umbreon forcefully with the attack, causing electricity to fill the entire left side of the room. The dark fox's body flickered with sparks of lightning, but it was able to shake it off and stand tall again. Scarlett was surprised that Blue's pokemon was able to get on its feet so quickly. "Wow. Your umbreon is pretty amazing."

"He's a tank. He can take anything you throw at 'em!" the gym leader said with a smirk. "Now use Psychic, Umbreon!" The moonlight fox's red eyes began to intensely glow a bright blue color, and eventually its whole body was outlined with the bright light. When Jolteon's eyes locked on to the bright light, its own body became engulfed in the same aura, though a harsh pain came along with it. Jolteon closed its eyes and cried out, feeling like its body was being crushed with a powerful invisible force. Whenever the umbreon lifted its head, Jolteon was lifted into the air, still feeling crushed within the dark fox's telekinetic force. Then, the lightning fox was thrown backwards across the ceiling of the cave. A large thud echoed across the room when Jolteon hit the cave floor, still outlined with the blue light, however its large purple eyes shot open. The lightning fox bared its teeth at Blue's loyal companion, telling it that it was not over yet.

"Thunderbolt!" Scarlett ordered when she heard her pokemon growl. Jolteon's electricity within its body heightened, surging all of its body until it was completely surrounded by it, mixing beautifully with the psychic attack's aura. The lightning fox slowly got to its feet, and took multiple steps towards the umbreon, still charging up for its next elemental attack. The sounds of lightning being formed all around Scarlett's fox crackled throughout the dim cave. Blue's face was filled with amazement when he saw the jolteon standing, even if the psychic attack was still being used.

"Attack now!" the golden-haired girl exclaimed. Jolteon howled as a large bolt of electricity fired towards the umbreon. The lightning bolt brightened the whole cave, reflecting in both Scarlett's and Blue's eyes. A loud explosion-like sound ringed through the trainer's ears as the electric attack collided with the dark fox's body. The umbreon fell to the ground, trying to recover from the strong attack. Crackling sounds still came from its figure, as it struggled to get to its feet. Scarlett was extremely proud of her pokemon and gave it a smile when it turned its head towards her, as if it was saying: "How did I do?"

Blue was fairly surprised at Scarlett and her jolteon. He closed his eyes and a grin sneaked onto his face once more. He opened them after a few moments and scanned the cave. His smile grew larger when a trace of light caught his eye. "Umbreon, try to get to the west side of the cave next to that huge rock formation!" the Viridian gym leader yelled while pointing at a stalagmite that split in half, most likely due to a previous battle that occurred there. Umbreon nodded when it glanced at its trainer with one opened eye. It limped to where Blue was pointing at a very slow rate while sparks of lightning still flew from its body. Scarlett tilted her head as she watched the pokemon pitifully walk towards the west side of the room. She was actually beginning to feel sorry for it, and her conscience kept her from giving Jolteon a new command. Finally, Umbreon had reached the small ray of light that barely entered the cave since the hole in the cave ceiling was rather tiny.

"Heh, good job." Blue said while crossing his arms. "Moonlight."

Night had crept up on the trainers and storm clouds had moved away from the gorgeous moon that was high up in the black sky. Most of the stars were hidden by the cruel clouds, but a few aided the moon with their glittering light. Umbreon closed its eyes as its yellow rings began to glow again. It felt itself re-energize as the moonlight slowly restored its health.

"Wild Charge!" Scarlett yelled when she noticed that the dark fox was regaining its energy. The lightning-coated energy surrounded Jolteon once more as it sped towards the Umbreon, but the moonlight had already finished restoring its strength.

"Faint Attack!" Blue ordered his renewed dark eeveelution. Before the Wild Charge attack could hit, Umbreon had already disappeared into the shadows. Like before, the moonlight pokemon appeared in a direction that Jolteon was not expecting and knocked it off its feet with a forceful blow.

"Get it into the air with Psychic, then use Shadow Ball!" the Viridian gym leader commanded. Umbreon's eyes and body began to glow with the same blue light like before, and lifted the Jolteon off the ground, engulfing its body with the telekinetic force. Then, the dark fox opened its mouth to form the Shadow Ball. Once the ghostly purple and black orb was large enough, it fired it at the Jolteon who was still suspended in mid-air. It hit the small electric fox and knocked it against the wall of the cave, causing a few loose rocks to fall along with Scarlett's pokemon.

"Jolteon!" Scarlett cried when he beloved pokemon hit the cave floor. The umbreon walked towards the fallen lightning eeveelution and glanced down at it, still standing strong and proud.

Jolteon opened its large purple eyes, looking up at the dark eeveelution. The yellow pokemon's ears were lowered, appearing as if it was depressed, but it did not feel defeat. It growled as it swiftly crawled underneath the dark fox's body.

Scarlett smirked at the sight of this. "Pin Missile!"

Jolteon's fur turned razor sharp once again and jumped up, pushing the umbreon into the air. Its needle-like fur pierced into Umbreon's belly, then the dark fox was flung against the ceiling of the cave when Jolteon's fur fired in all directions around them. Scarlett easily dodged the missiles that came her way with graceful movements that resembled a dancer's technique. Blue was able to move away from the needles easily too because of his knowledge of martial arts.

Both pokemon landed on their feet, facing one another. They snarled at each other, showing their sharp fangs and claws. Both of their legs slightly trembled as they tried to stay on their feet. This lasted for a few seconds until Jolteon gradually lost its balance and fell to the ground, losing consciousness.

Scarlett sighed but smiled at her lightning fox's great job and returned her pokemon to its pokeball.
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