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Default Re: [CROSSOVER][SU/DS]Pokemon: Rise of Noise

Character List:
Name: Hirojamma "Jam" Bito
Age: 16
Class: Player
Personality: Jam is more of a silent type kind of guy. He only speaks when spoken to, or when everyone in his group is collaborating for an idea. He likes to be alone and doesn't commute much. Preferring to have someone talk for him, he doesn't have very many friends. He thinks his favorite place is anywhere where he can be alone.
Appearance: Jam is standing at 5'7", almost 6'. He has brown hair with green eyes. He is never seen without his special earbuds which have a crown on each bud. Jam's favorite shirt is a Mus Rattata, with a Teddiursa next to an Ursurang on it. His hair is semi-long, reaching down to just before his neck. A special watch is worn on his right hand, as a gift from a friend.
History: When Jam was a child, he grew up in the nearby Saffron City. His mother getting a job at the Celadon Dept. Store and his dad getting a job at the Game Corner, they had to move, because of how long it takes to get from Saffron to Celadon. After moving there, Jam met a friend named Cao Miaski. They became friends very quickly and joked about their heritage, being decendants from Neku and Beat. Signifying that their friendship would be good and long, they gave each other special watches. The one Jam wears is the same one from Cao. Jam eventually grew on Celadon and believed he would live a long and happy life there with any new friends he would get.

A few years later, in a horrible slot machine accident, his father died. Jam then started to cut himself off from the world. He wouldn't let anyone into his heart (Really, talk to him) except for Cao and his mother. His appearence changed as well. From D + B (Dangerous Bouffulant) to Mus Rattata. Mus Rattata was a brand that was less creative in Jam's mind, so that's the main reason he wears it. One late night, when he was walking home from the Dept. Store, a drunk driver hit him and Cao, killing them. When he woke up in the middle of Scramble Crossing, one of the only things from Shibuya that stayed, he tried getting information from people. They couldn't hear Jam or Cao, leading them to believe they died. They played through the Reaper's Game. While fighting the GM, Cao got erased, unleashing all of his rage at the female Game Maker. He found out he had to play again, via the Composer, and is now searching to form a new pact.
Pokemon: Ursurang

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