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Default [CROSSOVER][SU/DS]Pokemon: Rise of Noise

-Insert le awesome banner or whatever here-

The events listed here take place years after The World Ends With You, to the point where normal animals evolve into Pokemon. Also, after the events of Black and White 2.

The world of Pokemon is at peace now. It has been a good four years since the event where Ghetis attempted to controll Kyurem, now referred to as "The Ice Event." The DNA Splicers are no more, as decided by the Elite Four, for they were too dangerous to get into the wrong hands. Some people live with Pokemon they do in the same way as they do in Ransei, with no Poke Balls. Only unspeakable bonds. Everything is at peace now...

That's at least, for the Realground.

Since then, the UG has evolved as well. No longer being in Shibuya, it is now in Celadon, the most Shibuya-like place in the Pokemon world. With new Pokemon Noise and allowing Players to team up with their own Pokemon, it's now a fight for more than just their lives. They must now fight for the lives of their Pokemon, their friends, their comrades. Possibly, also their Entry Fee. The new Gamemaster is also unknown, but is now powerful. Yes, there has been a new one since Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito. Let it also be known that once a week is completed, Players who didn't come back to life have three options:

If they really want to pursue what they want, they may play the Game again.

If they seek the path of destruction, they may become a Reaper.

If they seek the path of oblivion, they may choose to be Erased.

Which path will YOU choose?

The Factions:

Reapers: There are different kinds of Reapers. There's Support, Harrier, and Officer. I will go into more detail for them:

There isn't much to say about these guys. They mainly create challenges for Players to complete to advance to their target objective. Once a Player has cleared a challenge, they shout "Wall Clear!" and remove the invisible wall blocking the way. Support Reapers are the lowest rank.

These are the mid-ranking Reapers. They can move around freely (With the obvious constraints of a Reaper) and attack Players. Though, Harriers cannot attack Players directly. They can only attack them through means of creating Noise. The only time a Harrier can attack Players directly is during Emergency Call.

These are the highest rank of Reapers. They can organize the entire Game for a week and can freely change their own body into Noise. The only way to achieve this rank is by behaving good with the role of a Reaper. They send the messages to Players throughout the Week. On the seventh day, they MUST send a message saying that Players can fight the GM. After this message is sent, the Officer chosen for GM can attack Players directly or HAVE Players attack HIM/HER directly. (CANNOT CHOOSE DIRECTLY)

Players: They are the standard...pawns, if you wish. They play the Reaper's Game and have seven days to earn a chance of coming back to life. Noise can attack them directly if they haven't formed a Pact with someone. After forming a Pact, Noise will stop directly attacking Players. With the Player's Pin, Players can Scan the area for any Noise to fight. If a Player gets Erased in the UG, the person who formed a Pact with them MUST find a new partner ASAP. If a Player happens to die, an Angel or Reaper can change compact their soul into a Pin, in which they are in Noise form.

...Now, the RULES....

-No Godmodding
-No bunnying unless if another player says so. If you did get permission, please put something like this in your post: (I have contacted _____ and he/she said that I could RP with his/her character for now.)
-No trolling/flaming/whatever
-Stick to the classes you can choose. If you choose Officer as your class, you WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
-This will be a Point-Based System. (PBS) Depending on how many Points you have will determine what you can buy.
-This is also a semi-Dice-Based System. (DBS) This will be used to see which Officer will become GM. (As of now, I will put the NPCs for GM)
-Don't make it so you win battles with ease. Please make it so that some battles (With GMs, more specifically) are hard, even if you were to win.
-Everyone starts off with 100 Points to buy something at the nearby Celadon Dept.
-Breaking ANY of these rules will get you kicked out of this RP.
-Post here when you buy something.
-After a week, you may receive a Basic-Stage Pokemon. This will be determined by roll.
-Have fun!

Age: (Let's keep this 14-21, I guess.)
Class: (Reaper - Support/Harrier, Player)
Personality: (At least a 5-sentence paragraph)
Appearance: (Another 5-sentence at the most paragraph)
History: (Let's go with two six-to-eight sentence paragraph)
Pokemon: (No legendaries.)

Alright, the beat is on!

Celadon Dept. Store:

Miracle Seed - 20 Points
Mystic Water- 20 Points
Hard Rock - 20 Points
Metal Coat - 20 Points
Fire Stone - 40 Points
Water Stone - 40 Points
Thunderstone - 40 Points
Ice Stone - 40 Points
Leaf Stone - 40 Points
Moon Stone - 40 Stones
Sun Stone - 40 Points

Hirojamma "Jam" Bito - Player



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