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Originally Posted by Flynt View Post
I'm a bit sad that the groups are being painted so extremely black and white. I really prefer more moral ambiguity. What you've said about the Guard doesn't really match the "Necessary Evil" you claimed them to be in your first post. There's a difference between dogmatic and excessive. Going after anyone even rumored to have a power is a great way to make sure your group falls apart.

The Guard isn't stupid. Extreme, yes. Stupid, no. Sure, sometimes they publicly execute a target, like the Bellossom in Irene's history. But usually, they go "Oopsy, he fell off that cliff. You have our condolences.

For starters it makes the public hate you.

Sure. If they know what you're doing.

It also seeds distrust amongst the actual members.

Damage from that is going to be limited. I think I may have mentioned this, but I'm not sure: the Guard (and the Circle, mind you) is organized in a clandestine cell network. They already KNOW they're being distrusted.

It also puts you at a disadvantage: Killing off people on your side not only makes your side weaker in manpower but it dissuades new people from joining, persuades them to help your enemies, and, if by chance you do kill a Caller on your side, takes out a significant powerhouse that you could have unleashed on your enemies.

Theoretically, a loose suitcase nuke with a timer no one can read can be used against your enemies, too. Doesn't mean it's wise. And again, it's not like the Guards publicize their every action.

Then again, with the heads of the groups being who they are, I suppose it is sort of in character. Though it doesn't really make sense for the Guard, given how events played out...

What do you mean?

In any case, I've updated Leonard and Adrian.

Much better. Approved as soon as I can move my butt to edit my first post.
Plus, you're forgetting the REAL source of moral ambiguity: the Circle. The Circle is basically a bunch of those suitcase nukes trying to get together and get more of those nukes to try to cut the red wire. And they aren't always successful either.
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