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Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Investigating bells

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

Don't think of it as failure; you are merely going down another path. Let's focus on what's important here - your memory. Ease off on all of the head-banging of the 'keyboard' (I don't know what that is, it's not like we type our journeys and upload them to a forum, right?), it can't be good for that ol' noodle of yours.

It appears Mr Narrator has lost his noodle.

Your Pokemon could sense the disappointment in your voice. You blamed yourself, but they couldn't help but feel even an inkling of responsibility. Were they not strong enough? Could they have done better? Your Charmeleon furrowed its brow at the thought, the flame on its tail decreasing in ferocity. It had just evolved. Why hadn't it nabbed that Poochyena?

You trundle onward through the thick overgrowth of the forest. You are certain, as you travel, that eyes gaze upon you from every nook, every angle, every cranny of the Eternity Forest. All a dark reminder of the failure, the shame, the crushing defeat you had just endured. One can imagine that the burning desire to enslave every Arceus-darned creature in this woodland must be intense. Would you give in to such thoughts?

Blaze tugs at your arm. Trying to shake you from your thoughts, he points eastward into the forest. He appears to be sensing the presence of something rather unusual from within the forest - it must be the natural instinct of the Pokemon. Whatever it is, its appearance in this location is unusual. You witness a small clearing in the trees. Leading into this, a narrow path surrounded with some of the most beautiful looking flowers of all varieties trails into the clearing. Freya swoops on ahead as Blaze scampers after her, the flames from his tail licking his surroundings and lighting the way in the dusky passageway. Whatever was past the trees certainly aroused excitement in your Pokemon. Deciding it was in your best interest to enquire into this new-found enthusiasm, you follow your Pokemon pals.

The passageway is relatively short. To your surprise, the path bursts into an open field, ending the gloomy darkness of Route 3 that had encapsulated you for quite a while. Thick forests, presumably still Route 3, surround this quiet area of land. It appears your Pokemon have ran to the middle of this place - in the distance you can see odd wooden and metal structures.

Your Pokemon have gathered around three large bells.

They are looking eagerly at them. Blaze, in particular, is glaring at them with certainty.
Gee, you sure know how to cheer me up, don't ya?

Mr. Narrator has, indeed, lost his noodle. But I think I found that out somewhere between the rampaging Electivire and the near-arrest. Still, good to have you back. I think.

I wandered up to the bells, awestruck. What on earth could these be doing here? This was the middle of the forest—as far as I could tell, there was nothing here. No houses. No people. No civilization. Just open space. It was nice to be back out in the sunshine again, but I had to wonder what was with this place.

But the bells… I walked up to the one in the middle and let my hand rest on the cold medal. They had a certain charm to them; beautiful, almost. I couldn’t tell how long it had been here, but I assumed that it must have been here for quite some time. I had the sudden urge to ring it, curious to hear the sound they would make.

I glanced over to my Pokemon, intrigued by their behavior. Did they know this place? If so… what did they expect me to do? Maybe they wanted me to ring it? Well, I didn’t see any harm in it, plus I was very curious to hear its chime. I gave the middle bell a good push and waited for the song it would sing.

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