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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

A Pokemon, seeing that you've just been given a Nest Ball, wanders over to you.

"Peti, Petilil!" It appears to be interested in the item you've just received. Maybe it likes the matching colour scheme?

A wild Petilil appeared!
Trainer: dj-tiny
Route 6
Showing a Petilil a Nestball
Hello your a very frenidly pokemon. Can you play with my Seedot, it's dosen't get along with my pokemon well but, since you're the same type as it. There is a chance thatmight get along with you and, afterwards, I will make this Nestball yours.
Tiny lets Seedot out of it pokeball
Seedot fires of a sunnyday then goes up to Petili. Tiny get worried that Seedot will atack Petilli but it doesn't Seedot knew that Petilli abillity was Chlorophyll and was given it a gift.
Petilli thanks Seedot by setting off a Sweet Scent.
Seedot is very happy.
Petilli Jumps on to Seedot head.
Seedot starts spining around with Petilli on it head.
Tiny lets Seedot stop and then returns him to his Pokeball.
Tiny then gets out the Nestball and crouchs down to the Petilli saying
"A deal is a deal here is the Nestball I promised."
Petilli then hits the button infront of it.
Tiny Drops the ball in surprise at what has just happens and sees the ball wiggle.

Stay tuned to the advetures of Tiny and Co
Next time Will he have caught Petilli.
Will Eveeevee Return.
Will a pig fly.
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