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Trainer: Eti Molo

[Pleasant | Mortull | QueenBee | Waterlog | DuctTape | BigSofty]
In Storage:
Currently: Back from the Miasma.

My body returned just as it left - unconscious. Dreams of an alternate dimension in which I did not participate in swirled in my thoughts. I felt odd - sick, dizzy, almost as if I was non-existent.

I was awoken by the faint click of a pistol.

"On your feet. Now."

My vision was blurred and my head was groggy. I sluggishly arose to my feet, shielding my eyes as they adapted to the sudden change in light levels. "Who are you?"

"Let's just say The Emissary didn't leave you without friends." I could feel sharp fangs press against my temple. "Don't move or I'll blow your Gastly out."

I stayed absolutely still. The Remoraid pushing into my head began to hurt, the teeth boring into my skull. The perpetrator appeared to be dressed all in black. Nothing about his clothing looked human.

"I've prepared some of the Miasma's finest clothing for you." I could hear the sound of cloth being pulled from out of a bag. Completely plain white pyjamas were unfolded from a sack. He pushed the fish Pokemon closer to my brain. "Change into these. Now. Don't make me ask you again."

The fog from earlier was still clearing. No one could witness the event. No one was in earshot to hear me scream. There was nothing I could do but comply. Once I had removed my clothing and changed into the garments, the man wrapped a rope around my body, tying me up. He searched around in my belongings for my Pokemon Trainer's ID. "Eti Molo. Ah, Parson Molo's son. Well, give him my regards." Right before my eyes, the masked man's figure and appearance began to morph and change into that of my own - his appearance matched mine completely, right down to every last thread of my Finneon-themed clothing to the uncertainty in my green eyes.

He pushed my body closer and closer to the edge of the bridge. With one last smirk he leant down and whispered in my ear. "You're on a one way ticket to Kanto. Sayonara."

He kicked me off of the bridge. I hurtled towards the waters below, tied up and bundled in pyjamas. There was little time to think, little time to grasp what had just happened. All I knew was, my journey was ending in a splash.


"The trainers of Celestia will never know my intention," the Sender muttered. "Thank you, companion of darkness. Without you I could never have completed this mission." The Sender glanced into the eyes of the Remoraid before hurtling it back into the ocean.

The Sender turned his attention to the Poke Balls and rucksack on the bridge. "I'll greet my fellow comrades once I get into Sirius." He attached the balls to his belt, swung the bag onto his shoulders and proceeded to make his way to the end of the bridge. "That's odd. Human methods of transporting light goods is rather effective."

Leaving Route 8 for Sirius City.
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