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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Name: Zetsu
Currently: Searchin for Ralt-evoir! Pt3

Zetsu slowly awakens, to see a boy poking him, shoving a Geodude onto him...

"What do you want me to do with this Geodude?" He asks him, while placing the Geodude on the ground.

Zetsu turned his head towards the small cluster of rocks behind him, and that's when he saw a pokemon emerge... Zetsu brasp his hand on one of his pokeballs, ready to battle..
Official's Post:


Whilst you had your back turned, the young boy leaps for your backpack, rummaging through to find your collection of stars. He nabs 5 of them from your possession.

"Haha! What a sucker! Hook, line and sinker!" You glare confused at the small boy. He begins to remove pieces of his clothing to reveal an odd leather jackets and red trousers. He wipes the hair away from his head to reveal a gleaming bald dome. He tosses the wig at you, laughing. "See you around, noob."

The man runs away. You gaze towards the Geodude that he had left behind.


What a strange sounding Geo- VOLTORB?

The arms attached to the spherical body fall off. Looks like the thief did a pretty poor costume job with this one. Staring back at you are two curious, white eyes. The eyes soon furrow, however. I expect you know what's happening next.

The orb-like Pokemon releases a wave of energy, exploding. The blast knocks you back several feet, slamming your body into the tree that you were previously resting upon.

The Voltorb disappeared!
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