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Name: Zetsu
Currently: Searchin for Ralt-evoir! Pt2

Several hours have passed since he caught Poochyena, and not a single pokemon had been found. it was as if the pokemon were all deeper in the forest, so Zetsu stretched out his arms, and headed deeper into the forests of route 3.

The vines covered most of the trees here, leaf litter was scattered across the floor like carpet, and the fresh scent of nature was growing stronger....

"Ahhh.... this scent smells really nice... i could live here forever~" he thought to himself, before coming to a clearing, and taking a short break.

Nightfall was approaching, the sounds of bug pokemon chirping away was getting louder and louder. As Zetsu looked up at the night sky, he could see the starts clearly now, and Zetsu was getting alittle tired, as was his pokemon.

Zetsu rests his back against a tree stump, and gently drifts off to sleep, wondering what the next day will bring him...
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