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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Hay, guys! I just thought I'd let you victims peoples of Nuzlocke that I am going to be doing an Emerald Ib Nuzlocke! ...You...don't know what Ib is...? *Slams desk* ANYWAYS, here's how it's gonna go:

  • Standard Nuzlocke rules apply
  • Only two Pokemon can be used
  • The first Pokemon has to be red. Be it Pokedex color or whatever
  • It can be another Pokemon, but once it is trained, the starter can no longer be used
  • The second Pokemon must be blue. Be it Pokedex or whatever
  • If the Pokemon who's color is red is defeated, the challenge ends
  • The Lilycove Museum MUST be visited
  • The red Pokemon MUST be named Ib, female or not
  • The blue Pokemon MUST be named Garry, male or not

Ib is something like this:
It starts out with a girl named Ib who goes to a museum with her parents. She looks at some of the paintings and finds a room with a lone painting titled "??? World."

"You can't read one of the words..." It says. When Ib exits that room, all the people but her disappear. Eventually, a splatter of blue paint comes near the painting ??? World that says "come with me, ib. I'll show you something special." She goes into a painting of a fish and finds a lone rose in a vase. She reads something near it that says: "The rose is your ???. Once it's dead, you're dead."

"You can't read one of the words..." The message box says again. Ib picks up a key, changing the blue painted words from "Comecomecomecomecome" to "THIEF." She comes across a man who has a blue rose, much like her own. Ib takes the rose and plants it in a nearby vase, restoring it to health. The man who was on the ground introduces himself as Garry and tells that he almost died. The roses are their life sources.

It's not a creepypasta, it's a real, playable game. :)P

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