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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 6: Leer

An uncomfortable silence filled the center, making all four people begin to feel tense. Scarlett tilted her head in both confusion and amusement, but she slowly walked backwards since she also felt fear. "More gym leaders? What if they are like that Lt. Surge and his buddies who attacked us?" The blonde trainer snapped. Jolteon felt her anxiety and began growling at the two male gym leaders, a few sparks emanating from its body. The Viridian gym leader's Umbreon began growling in response while it stepped towards the electric fox, warning Jolteon that it would attack if it tried to harm Blue or Blaine.

'Has Sabrina lead me into a trap?'Was the only thought that echoed within Scarlett's mind. The older man chuckled and took a few steps towards the frightened young trainer.

"No need to be afraid. We won't bite! Nice to meet you!" The man said while twirling his mustache with his finger and adjusting his tinted glasses with another.

"I haven't lead you into a trap, Scarlett. I know that we can trust these two." Sabrina said, giving her a reassuring smile.

"Stay out of my head." The blonde mumbled. Scarlett felt embarrassed that she had yelled at the gym leaders and she was ashamed that she had been acting so rudely, but she could not get the courage to apologize about her behavior. As much as she wanted to, she just could not trust any of these people, but she felt as if she needed them now.

"You said something about Lt. Surge? What happened?" Blue asked showing a large amount of interest.

"Him and a few others came into the Saffron Gym trying to get Sabrina to come with them. They were in uniforms, so I thought they were apart of the military or something, but they actually tried to hurt us."

Blue's hand formed into a fist and clenched his teeth tightly together as he tried to contain the anger that was burning within him. He thought back to whenever he had escaped from a group of uniformed men in Viridian City. They had threatened to take away his gym and pokemon, and he was actually thankful that he did not hear them out or he might have been injured just like Sabrina and Scarlett. He closed his eyes, trying to remember each of the attacker's faces. He knew that one of them was familiar. Lt. Surge must have been among the group that had attacked him as well.

"Ah yes. Blue mentioned that he was threatened by a group of mysterious people, but maybe he wouldn't have to run from them if he wouldn't have attacked them. Where were your manners, boy?" Blaine said with a smile. Blue glanced at Blaine from the corner of his eye and let out a growl-like sigh.

"I did the right thing." The young gym leader said under his breath while sticking his hands in his pockets. He closed his eyes when the thought came to him that was beginning to eat him up: 'If I wouldn't have ran, maybe Gramps and sis would still safe at home.'

"Well, I hear that the weather is going to get bad again tonight, so let me heal my Pokemon, and all of you can join me for dinner back on the Seafoam Island." Blaine said while heading for the front desk of the Pokemon Center.

Scarlett nodded and shrugged. "That would be lovely, thank you." She smiled at the old man's kindness. Once Blaine's pokemon were fully healed, the trainers thanked and said their farewells to the nurse, then left the center. They engaged in small talk in order to become more comfortable with each other as they walked towards the shore. Their conversation was interrupted when a loud clap of thunder erupted throughout the sky. The water looked as if it was angry and the eerie whistles of the wind echoed throughout the entire island. The ocean's waves hit the sides of the land forcefully while the sky's gray clouds hid the setting sun with their cold embrace. Scarlett's Jolteon's ears twitched as its fur stood up against its body, sensing the presence of lightning which it loved so much.

"I think we should hurry." Sabrina stated calmly while looking at the raging waters of the sea.

Blaine opened his jacket and gently pulled a pokeball that was attached to the inside, removing it from the clip within the coat. He held the ball tightly in his hand, then the familiar white light bolted from it and materialized a large quadrupedal creature with beautiful flames streaming from its body that formed its mane and tail. It stood up on its hind legs, its front hooves moving gracefully up high and let out a powerful whinny. Scarlett eyes sparkled as she gazed upon this gorgeous fire pokemon and walked towards it with an excited smile on her face. "A Rapidash!" The young groomer exclaimed eagerly. She extended her hand up to the flame horse's muzzle so the creature could sniff her hand before she tried to pet it.

Blue scoffed and pulled out a pokeball of his own, releasing his Pidgeot. "No need to rush. We just got a huge thunderstorm coming. No big deal." the Viridian gym leader said sarcastically as he jumped on the back of his large bird. Sabrina agreed and climbed upon the Pidgeot as well, not caring if she did not have Blue's permission, though Umbreon growled at her for taken its spot. Sadly, it had to find another spot upon the bird since the psychic would not move. The feathered creature lifted itself a few yards above the sand, then dashed towards Seafoam Island at a very high speed.

"Best that we leave too. Hop on!" Blaine said as he climbed upon his Rapidash. Scarlett squealed happily, picked up Jolteon and climbed onto the fire horse's back, ecstatic that she actually gets to ride one. The creature began to back up away from the shoreline once the blonde was sitting comfortably on its back.

"Um. Where are we going?" Scarlett finally asked once they had backed up so much that they were almost to the Pokemon Center again. The old man chuckled and gently tapped his heels into the Pokemon. It softly whinnied in response, and started to run, gradually picking up speed until its feet were barely touching the ground. In an instant, they had already made it to the shoreline, and with a powerful kick to the edge, the brilliant flaming creature leaped high into the brisk air. Scarlett looked down to see the Rapidash's embers reflecting on the surface of the ocean below her. The mixture of the warmth from the dancing flames and the cold wind soothed the trainer, almost causing her to forget all of the negativity that had happened in the past few days. Finally, Rapidash's hooves met with land once more and trotted over to the opening of the cave of Seafoam Island where Blue and Sabrina were waiting.

Blaine climbed down from his faithful pokemon and ran his hand up and down its neck. "You are a good girl, aren't you? Thank you again, my friend." The Rapidash nickered in response and nuzzled its trainer. Scarlett hopped down down as well and walked in front of the fire creature once Blaine had moved aside. She thanked the unicorn-like pokemon too by giving it a few pets on its muzzle. Very soon after, Blaine returned his pokemon to its ball and Blue returned his Pidgeot, then they all walked into the cave. Lead by Blaine, the younger trainers passed where the gym battles were held, then into a small passageway which had a large makeshift curtain at the end of the corridor. Once inside, Sabrina and Scarlett both scanned the room, rather intrigued that it resembled a small living room. There was no electricity, but the cave room was lit up with many torches attached to the walls. It felt warm and comfortable, and contained a few pieces of wooden furniture, a bed, and a rug.

"I haven't gotten to rebuilding my home and gym back on Cinnabar, but I am starting to get attached to this place." Blaine said with a smile. He walked to the left side of the room where he and his pokemon had built their own fireplace. Hanging above the fire was an iron pot where a delicious scent barely escaped from the top."We are just in time." the fire gym leader chuckled as he summoned his Magmar from its ball. The bipedal monster reached for the pot and effortlessly pulled it out of the fire then placed it in the center of the room where there was a wooden table that was close to the ground. Bowls of food were made for Umbreon and Jolteon too.

Scarlett and Sabrina helped bring out a few bowls and spoons, then sat at the table, patiently waiting for such a generous meal. Blaine gave the young trainers a glass of cold water and joined them at the table. Within the pot was a steaming vegetable stew and the smell of it caused the young trainers to become even more eager to eat. Blue reached for the large spoon that was laying on the table, but it was quickly snatched away from the frivolous Blaine.

"Before we eat, allow me to ask all of you a trivial question." Blaine said while he fixed himself a bowl of the hot stew, using the spoon that he had just taken away from Blue. "Let's start with you, Sabrina. This Pokemon was able to swim qui-"

"Kabutops." Sabrina said, interrupting the fire master, but her voice was very quiet and her face barely had any expression.

"Cheater." Blue mumbled as he positioned his hand underneath his chin, lazily propping himself up.

"You are supposed to use your own knowledge, not my own. Allow me to finish the question at least." the old man said with a hint of disappointment on his face. "Can you answer a question without using your psychic powers?" He waited for a response, but Sabrina remained silent. "Okay then! Moving on! This Pokemon moves so fast, it leaves only a blur and can cause an illusion that there is more than one. Also, when it hides in the grass, its protective colors make it invisible. Blue?" he asked to the bored young man, who had his eyes closed at this point.

With no hesitation at all, the Viridian gym leader responded with a cocky smirk stretched across his face: "Scyther."

"Ah, very good." Blaine said while he took a bite of the stew. "Your turn, Scarlett."

The blonde girl felt herself get slightly nervous when her name was called.

"This Pokemon possesses the ability to sing, putting Pokemon and people to sleep. It is highly intelligent, but sadly though their number has dwindled. They can develop telepathic abilities."

Scarlett felt even more uncomfortable when she saw that Blaine and Sabrina were staring at her, waiting for her to answer the question right away, but she had the answer in mind. Blue opened one of his eyes and glanced at her as well since the room had gone quiet for a few seconds.

"Jigglypuff?" The young groomer asked.

"Good guess, but let me clear it up for you. Jigglypuff also have the ability to make almost anything fall asleep, but there is still a large amount of them and they cannot develop psychic abilities. The answer was Lapras. It's okay, those trick questions can trip you up sometimes." Blaine said with a reassuring tone in his voice. He picked up the large spoon again, and filled both of Blue's and Sabrina's bowls with the steaming stew. "Your reward for answering correctly."

Scarlett's eyes widened as a pitiful begging expression appeared on her confused face. Blaine laughed and filled her bowl with the food. "I'm only teasing." he said still laughing. Scarlett pretended that she knew that it was only a joke and happily took the first bite of the hot meal. The golden-haired girl ate her food quickly, considering that she had not eaten a real meal in a couple days. Blue had three full bowls of the stew. He made it seem that he had not eaten in months. Sabrina ate slowly, savoring every moment of the fantastic flavor.

"Blaine, How long did you live on Cinnabar Island?" Scarlett asked after taking a sip of her water.

"I lived there all my life and even now, I cannot be too far away from it. Even if that disaster took my home, I still love the island. Like I said earlier, I might rebuild my gym and home back on the island. Maybe one day it can be a prosperous island once again. So many of the other residents do not trust this place though and would never come back. It's unpredictable." Blaine replied.

Scarlett closed her eyes and took in a very long breath. 'His home was destroyed? Cinnabar Island was completely destroyed? I'm responsible aren't I?'she thought, the feeling of guilt consuming her. "Did a Hydreigon destroy Cinnabar Island?"

"Excuse me? A Hydreigon? Aren't they native to the Unova Region?" the old gym leader asked.

Scarlett nodded.

Blue snickered and propped himself up using his hand again once he finished his forth bowl of stew. "Why would a Hydreigon fly all the way from Unova to Kanto to destroy an island?"

"Well, a woman who used to be a resident of Cinnabar attacked me back in Fuchsia City. She told me that one of my Pokemon caused an accident years ago that involved her. I have a Hydreigon that went out of control when he first evolved around the same year, so I figured that he might have been linked to the island and the woman." Scarlett responded, trying to keep her patience.

"No Hydreigon has ever been to the island." Blaine said while scratching his face with his index finger.

"Man, trainers today: they can't even keep control of their own Pokemon anymore." Blue murmured while closing his eyes.

Scarlett's eyes narrowed, feeling offended by the Viridian gym leader's comment. "I'm a good trainer, and Hydra is one of my strongest now. All of my team is very well-trained." she said.

"They're so well-trained and you think one of 'em destroyed an island, right?" Blue said with a sly grin and looking at her with one opened eye. "Aren't you talented?"

"You've never battled me before, so you wouldn't know." the blonde groomer snapped.

"I wouldn't?" The young gym leader's face was filled with amusement.

"I could take you!" Aggravation could be heard in Scarlett's voice.

"I'm sure you could."

"I'm serious! Let's battle!"

Blue thought about it for a minute, then stood up from the table and walked towards the exit of the room while shoving his hands in his pockets. "Alright, let's go." he said.

Scarlett got up from the table and told Blaine that she will clean everything once they were finished with their battle, then trailed behind Blue. They walked down the short passageway until they were in Blaine's gym room again. Blue stood on the left side of the cave, and Scarlett stood on the right, so there would be plenty of room for their pokemon to fight. Huge rock formations outlined the room, though many had been smashed due to previous battles. Both trainers faced each other; both with the will to win.

Blue was still grinning with both amusement and anticipation. "You ready?"

Scarlett smiled too, feeling her confidence build-up once again. "Oh yeah."

"Best out of three!" The brown-haired gym leader motioned for his umbreon to enter the battlefield. "It's all you, buddy." Umbreon nodded and ran to the middle of the cave, its rings on its body beginning to glow while intimating snarls escaped through its teeth.

"Go get 'em Jolteon!" Scarlett said while pointing at the gym leader's dark fox. The pokemon darted to the middle of the room and faced the umbreon, growling as well. Its fur became razor sharp as electricity sparked from its body, illuminating the room along with umbreon's glowing yellow rings. They stared each other down until their masters told them to begin, but anticipation filled the eeveelution's eyes. Blaine and Sabrina had came into the room and sat on a few flat rocks on the side of the cave to spectate the battle. Silence filled the room for about three minutes until Blue finally yelled the first command.
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