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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Each floor seems to take more an more energy from Markus. The floors also seem to be growing colder and colder. 10 floors up and Markus finds that he is shivering. The floor was also messing with his head.

The room gets a little blurry Markus sees something strange

Meg calls out "Oh for god's sake, leave us alone already!" Meghan says, slumping back slightly as Koga appears "We have the worst luck..."

Blue Team dodges around as the Kogas pokemon attack.

Muk and Arbok come up behind Blue Team. Corey and Quinn rush forward. Max looks over at Meg.
"Sorry...but he is right..."

Koga starts laughing.
"You kids were a gold mine ! We have been unable to get through this gate for weeks."

Max walks forward handing over the Scope.

Markus finds himself in a scene but not really. They cant see him.

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