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Derick Breekar

Derick smiled at Freddie, "Um, well you see the contestants were using ridiculous ways to get in and I was caught up in one of them." He looked around the room and spotted the guy who had started up the sandstorm earlier. The man approached as he started a conversation with him, "Hey! You didn't happen to be in out little storm did you? My apologies. By the way I am Joseph. And that is Alexandra, my Krookodile."

Derick shrugged, "It's not like you were aiming for just me. It was crazy out there with the crowd going wild and all. I'm Derick." This guy seemed nice, maybe he could make an ally out of him in the long run. "I just didn't expect the storm is all. I avoided other damage from the other contestants so it's alright." He looked towards his Krookodile, "You have some serious skill there Alexandra." He smiled at her.

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