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Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post

Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Bobalina, Neku, Miles, Luxio, Swiftwind
PC: Bachuru, Panda, Derpina, Aron

"...Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd it's gone," Quinn says. "Well, let's go and follow it."

Quinn and co. follow the mysterious light(s)
Official's Post

You wind your way through the trees, keeping an eye out for any flashes of light. There aren't any. Suddenly you hear the cries of a Pokemon nearby, followed by barking.

A Pachirisu is huddled up in a tree. Below is a Houndoom, growling angrily and staring up at the squirrel, waiting for it to come down. Pachirisu looks over towards you nervously. "Pachi pa!" it cries. Houndoom seems to ignore you, its gaze locked to Pachirisu.

Wild Houndoom appeared!
Cannot be captured.

Wild Pachirisu appeared!
Can be captured. Stuck in a tree.
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