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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Route 4 heading down a dark path.
In party:


In Box

JC looks down at the nervous Chimchar. He reaches his arm out picking her up.
" Lets do some exploring Ash, if anything seems off we will turn around, okay ??"

Chimchar nods its head and two head deep into the woods. JC keeps calm.
"In my village its customary for children to spend a night or two in the forest alone. The elders say it helps get rid of any fear of the dark."
Official's Post

Really? Your village makes people spend two nights alone in the forest with nothing to protect them from all the wild Pokemon and evil humans out there?! No wonder you're so brave! You decide to explore...

You continue deeper along the small path. What's this?! A shortcut!

JC found a shortcut. Remove 6 hours from your travel time.
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