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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post (Steak and Latio-Nytro)

As you stare each other down, a Minccino pops out from a nearby bush and starts running around in circles around you both. It looks distressed. Is this thing insane? It does have a kind of maniacal expression on its face. Then you notice something falling from way up in the sky. The Minccino looks up, squeaks in fear and proceeds trying to dodge the object by running around like a loony.

The poor thing is so distressed it runs right into Steak and topples over backwards.

Wild Minccino appeared by Steak! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it! (Dude I rolled a 90, you were so close!)

Meanwhile the falling thing narrowly misses Logan's head and impales itself in the ground. There should really be a warning sign on Route 1, this seems to happen far too often. Maybe those helpful folk who make those Trainer Tip signs should pay the area a visit... No, stop smiling. This is not a laughing matter at all. Someone could be seriously injured. How do Sunkern get into the sky anyway?!

Wild Sunkern appeared by Logan! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
(Oh, so it's all done by rolls! I kind of guessed that already, but still.)

Logan Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder, KatAna the Phanpy

"Sup." is all Orange Guy says before something else happens.

First, what looks like an insane Minccino jumped out of the bushes and ran around him and Orange Guy. It was either doing this out of curiosity to see how'd they'd react (and was pretty much unafraid of making himself or herself look like a total lunatic in the process), or it was honestly as schizophranic as it looked. It clearly seemed psyched out about something. The Minccino then looked skyward, and Logan (and presumably Orange Guy) followed its gaze: what it saw was something falling out of the sky. The Minccino resumed full panic mode, running around without so much as half a clue of what to do, until it ran into Orange Guy and fell flat on it's back.

It took all of one second to realize what the Minccino was scared of: the falling object, a Sunkern of all things, landed directly on the ground an inch from Logan, kicking up dirt and dust all over him-his rather dull brown boots and blue (regular fit) jeans, his "$eriou$ Ca$h" T-shirt (Black Letters on a background of Pokedollars), and even his freckle-infested face. His black, curly hair would need a shower. At least it didn't go up his nose, but maybe it was because it was rather small?

When the dust settled, it was apparent that the Sunkern was completely confused as to it's surroundings. "Where am I?" it almost seemed to think, judging strictly from the fact that it was turning around, surveying the area it fell into, almost completely oblivious to the fact it even fell at all. It laid it's eyes at rest at the huge figure Logan presented. It flinched. This thing was completely unaware of how to handle the situation. Sunkern were rather weak Pokemon in general.

"...I'll just catch it, then..." Logan said, kind of weirded out by the whole situation, yet not enough to leave and pass up a Pokemon.

"KEEEEEEERN!!!" The Sunkern called out, panicked. Even IT knew it was nowhere near strong. It was attempting to hop away. It did this at seemingly all of it's speed, yet, simultaniously, very slowly.

"...KatAna, corner it and use Ice Shard. Geez, this is almost unfair..." Logan commented. Indeed, it would seem that way to even the least intelligant of men: Even KatAna, a Phanpy that was slower than a Shellder, was able to catch up and corner it without even going full speed. Without the Sunkern being able to do much else aside from simply think something along the lines that it was going to die horribly, before being injured by an attack that was more meant for speed than anything else.

"KERNKERN!!" It yelled out, sheer pain and misery pretty much being the only thing it was thinking. Logan felt nothing but pity for the cute yellow seed Pokemon. However, he knew better than to underestimate it, that it would have some defense mechanisim, being a Pokemon and all that. And sure enough, There was a kind of red aura surrounding the Sunkern. It reached out and connected with KatAna, who was already running away from it without much more motivivation. It turned clearly hurt KatAna, but then it turned Green and went straight back to the Sunkern, who's wounds were somewhat patched up. It looked somewhat less like it was in a horrendous horror story and knew it was the victim, but only so much, and wounds were still there. KatAna, conversely, didn't look 100% hot but definately was nowhere near exausted. Either way, that was one of the three Grass-Typed Drain attacks, either Absorb, Mega Drain or Giga Drain.

Logan was less hesitant about harming it AFTER the display of it's (admittantly low) power, knowing that the Sunkern wasn't frightened enough to not move at all. "KatAna, another Ice Shard!" Logan said. KatAna was eager to get revenge for the drain attack (it seemed to be that the attack had a moderate impact on KatAna) and immediately shot out another Ice Shard without further ado. The impact on the poor Sunkern was still strong, and it looked much weaker. Clearly, KatAna was doing more damage than the Sunkern could recover with it's attack.

"KERNKERN!" the Sunkern said, doing another Drain attack on poor KatAna.

"KatAna, dodge!" Logan said. KatAna didn't need those worthless words to try it, and neither did they assist the odds of dodging it in any way whatsoever. KatAna's life force left her body and was taken in happily by the still-incredibly scared Sunkern. It was still quite worse for wear.

"Ice Shard, just one more!" Logan commanded.

"Phan Phan!" KatAna went, creating more frosty chunks and firing them at the same blinding speeds. Logan took one hand and started fumbling around in his over-the-shoulder bag, hoping to retrieve an empty PokeBall before anything bad happens. The attack landed, which basically left the Sunkern consious by the skin of it's teeth. By no means was this any bit fun for it.

The Sunkern was starting up another drain attack, desparately trying to cling onto consiousness by any means needed. Meanwhile, somehow Logan had forgotten where he'd put the empty PokeBalls. Note to self, put empty PokeBalls on his person. The Sunkern was the faster of the two in this case, being able to try a third drain attack.

"Roll away, KatAna!" Logan called, out, now more preoccupied with the bag. KatAna obeyed, speeding up and out of the way of the Giga Drain's range in a Rollout, rebounding against a tree and landing without much issue. Just as this happened, Logan found an empty PokeBall, and threw it without much more ceremony. The Sunkern couldn't hop away fast enough to dodge it, so into the ball it went, in a flash of red.

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