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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 8!

"We're here we're here!" Pigchic squealed.

I smiled at him. "I like your enthusiasm!"

"Maybe we'll find a Flying type." Typhlosion glanced around.

"There are lots of them here." I looked at him.

"Ack!" Croconaw screamed.

"What?!" I looked back at him.

"I-I'm glowing!" He looked surprised.

"Ha ha, you're just going to evolve soon!" I grinned.

"BAHAHAH! YOU EVOLVED BEFORE, YOU NOOB." Combusken smiled. He hugged Croconaw friend-wise. He was just picking on his best friend.

"Hush! I know I was just...surprised." He began to laugh.

"Well, you've seen Saffron's Feraligatr. Do you want to evolve?" I questioned him. I usually ask all of my Pokemon this.

"O-Of course! Evolving is...awesome!" He grinned.

"Well good for you! Combusken will evolve soon." I looked at them.

"Awesome! I so wanna become a Blaziken!" Combusken jumped.

"Well, for now, let's get on to Sirius! Quinn's Sister is the leader. I wanna see how she fairs against us!" I started to run off into deep Route 8.

Entering Route 8 from Aurora City.
Official's Post

You make your way to the massive bridge. Before you get can get to far a man rushes up waving you back. He tells you can not cross at this point. As you stand there the bridge begins to rise. The bridge rising sends a massive shock through the structure. You watch bird pokemon fly off away.

The man tells you that you must go back to Aurora City. As you turn back around you see something surprising.

A Wild Pidove Appears

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