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Default Re: Route 8

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 8!

"We're here we're here!" Pigchic squealed.

I smiled at him. "I like your enthusiasm!"

"Maybe we'll find a Flying type." Typhlosion glanced around.

"There are lots of them here." I looked at him.

"Ack!" Croconaw screamed.

"What?!" I looked back at him.

"I-I'm glowing!" He looked surprised.

"Ha ha, you're just going to evolve soon!" I grinned.

"BAHAHAH! YOU EVOLVED BEFORE, YOU NOOB." Combusken smiled. He hugged Croconaw friend-wise. He was just picking on his best friend.

"Hush! I know I was just...surprised." He began to laugh.

"Well, you've seen Saffron's Feraligatr. Do you want to evolve?" I questioned him. I usually ask all of my Pokemon this.

"O-Of course! Evolving is...awesome!" He grinned.

"Well good for you! Combusken will evolve soon." I looked at them.

"Awesome! I so wanna become a Blaziken!" Combusken jumped.

"Well, for now, let's get on to Sirius! Quinn's Sister is the leader. I wanna see how she fairs against us!" I started to run off into deep Route 8.

Entering Route 8 from Aurora City.
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