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Default (Event) Wages Bonus!


The month of December is coming soon and like always, there will be lots of URPG events that will be hosted to celebrate the festive holidays. Although activity has been rather low lately, that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate! For the next two weeks of ref wages, referees will receive special bonuses in the form of wage increments. Take note that this will start around Dec 5th (which means it will start after the new set of wages are posted) and will last for two rounds of ref wages. Increment details are as followed:-
  • $10,000 & Up: 10% Bonus Increment
  • $20,000 & Up: 20% Bonus Increment
  • $30,000 & Up: 30% Bonus Increment

You don't have to take down any extra calculations in your ref logs, for the person doing the wages will automatically add up your bonus increments. This is only for the Battles section however, but I heard that the Park is up to something as well, so stay tuned for more news!

Updates will be edited into this post, if any.
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