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Default Re: Route 1

Official's Post (Steak and Latio-Nytro)

As you stare each other down, a Minccino pops out from a nearby bush and starts running around in circles around you both. It looks distressed. Is this thing insane? It does have a kind of maniacal expression on its face. Then you notice something falling from way up in the sky. The Minccino looks up, squeaks in fear and proceeds trying to dodge the object by running around like a loony.

The poor thing is so distressed it runs right into Steak and topples over backwards.

Wild Minccino appeared by Steak! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it! (Dude I rolled a 90, you were so close!)

Meanwhile the falling thing narrowly misses Logan's head and impales itself in the ground. There should really be a warning sign on Route 1, this seems to happen far too often. Maybe those helpful folk who make those Trainer Tip signs should pay the area a visit... No, stop smiling. This is not a laughing matter at all. Someone could be seriously injured. How do Sunkern get into the sky anyway?!

Wild Sunkern appeared by Logan! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
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