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Default Re: What Would You Like To See More Of?

Originally Posted by BotmenPls View Post
If you guys are going to have Tournaments I can supply 2 Master Balls as prizes, or additions to the original prizes, if people even use them anymore. .-.
But yeah, there needs to be more actual activity. Most of the people that come here, usually come for the Small trades thread, and that's it. Tournaments, Giveaways, andContests sound like they would help.
I understand where u are coming from but even tho most ppl need like the gen 1 starters or something like that. They are normally little kids, (not trying to be a douche or anything) but be patient Game Freak may come out with the Gen 1 games as well as the gen 3 games as remakes on the DS catariges to make it work better for the DSi and 3DS with no GBA slots aviable thus could solve the starter issue all together or even they may do it as a DSi/3DS DLC thing but w/e floats ur boat.

I rather see specific threads with infinite cap for replies set up for; Events, Shinies, Dream World pokemon so ppl who just want to see who has what shiny for example they could go tot the shiny pokemon sticky thread and view them and see what the other collectors are looking for in return. One rule that would need to be told up front and enforced would be any collector would be allowed one post per page set up to allow others a chance to have their pokemon seen.

The only other thing that could help this along would be a forced watched youtube tutorial video on how shops work for the noobs (again not trying to be a douche) who have no idea who to use a trade shop thread since I have run into my fair share of them, like how to get the correct information on a specific pokemon or IDing ur pokemon, or that a ur Snivy for my Bulbasaur wouldn't work since I am looking for more unique pokemon since I already have a full and complete national dex at this current time minus one Event pokemon but patient is the keyt o getting it when it comes out so I don't need anything I already have thus the tutorial video would help ppl navigate shops more efficiently and successfully.

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post

And maybe have a list of rare pokemon to choose from as prizes?
If u want to PVP battle in any form y don't u go to any forms wifi battle sections to battle other ppl, wifi trades should be a section to search for battles or other such non-trade things in pokemon u are making the trade section more confusing then t should be due to ur interest in PVP.

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