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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak

Logan Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder and KatAna the Phanpy

To say the least, Solarbeams were bright attacks. Logan heard the beam first, but once he turned around, he realized what was being fired: the most famous of all Grass-Type attacks, the light-based Solarbeam. It was being shot at something. Logan initially was afraid that it was a powerful Pokemon, but curiosity got the better of him. He had to see what it was. He walked back to the source of the commotion. KatAna had second thoughts, shown through light tugs on the leg (thankfully not enough to trip him), but thankfully didn't disobey her trainer and followed. Kunai, on the other hand, was just as curious as her master.

Logan cautiously peeked over a bush, and saw...Uhh...What?!

He saw someone that would definately leave a rather large impact in his mind for a while. This guy-whoever he was-was covered exclusively in bright, extremely noticable orange, except his Kamina Shades (shame on you if you don't know what Kamina Shades are), which were more akin to a orange-brown color, but all in all, still completely covered in orange. There was a small white smudge on his hair, presumably pidgey poop. Standing by his side was a one-leafed, red-eyed Sunkern, and it was firing a Solarbeam-looking extremely pissed while doing so. The angry Sunkern was aiming it at a Pidgey, presumably the cause of the dung on the Trainer's hair-quite a case of disproportionate retribution in Logan's view. Orange Guy (for lack of knowing his name) looked incredibly collected and calm despite the loud and bright Solarbeam being shot (then again, he might just be used to the noise, and he did have shades on).

It wasn't weird enough that Logan felt he was hallucinating, but it was definately out of the ordinary. Then again, he'd meet all sorts of stuff while he'd journey. Orange Guy here was probably just the beginning.

Also, he knew the rules. Eyesight means battle. He wasn't exactly hiding, either. Orange guy had a good chance of seeing him, and at that point, the battle was on (unless he wasn't hostile). Considering he somehow made a Sunkern look bada** (even if unintentionally), Logan honestly hoped he wasn't in a bad mood.
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