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Default TRIVIA EVENT: The Terrifying Trivia Trial! [PRIZES!]

*Insert epic banner here*

Welcome welcome! Introducing a new Trivia challenge each week! The questions are difficult, hence the 'terrifying' part. Now, why should you participate? Well, prizes!

The winner of this week will be receiving: A level 100 legitimate shiny Latios with a Soul Dew!

ALL participants will receive a starter Pokemon of their choice from any Generation of their choice! Requests may be PMed to Typhlosion Explosion.

QUESTIONS FOR 12/25/12 - 1/1/13:

1. The Sapphire symbolizes what in FR/LG?

2. What was the name of the e-card from Nintendo used to access Deoxys

3. In Australia, from which date to which date was the Liberty pass available?

4. In generation 2, which attack would TM42 teach?

5. In Viridian City (Generation IV), is it possible to capture a level 5 Pineco via Headbutt?

6. Neon Town was featured in which episode of the Pokémon animé?

7. Which character in the animé uses the nickname "Black Tulip”

8. How many volumes does the manga “How I Became a Pokémon Card” consist of?

9. In the Unova Horoscope, what is the lucky item for a person born in May?

10. The Blackout Theme Deck from the Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game came with a custom coin. Which Pokémon did this coin feature?

The answers must be PMed to Typhlosion Explosion. Good luck to all!

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