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Jingka Givrali

Jingka noted all the interactions from everyone in her corner of the room as she was handed her papers. She first noticed a boy with his Gallade, being friendly but somewhat rejected by the other female who she guessed had some social problems, or just wasn’t a people person of some kind. Since she was here for a game, Jingka could only conclude that she was one to find enjoyment in other’s being bothered.

She next noticed the pair of argumentative teens with their respective electric Pokémon. Based on the girl’s statements to the boy, there was a severe emotional trauma in their past, one that the boy either was somewhat oblivious to, or had completely gotten over. The girl on the other hand, with the defensive Jolteon, hadn’t gotten over it, and based on how the Jolteon protected their trainer, perhaps there was more on the boy’s end to be done to heal the wound.

Then there was a boy and a Krookodile, who looked as if he was pleasant enough as he apologized to the one boy who had come in, sand falling off of his clothing. He only had a Purrloin, but to Jingka, he screamed underdog potential. He seemed a bit confused or unsure of what to do, however that often brought out the best of people when they were under that kind of pressure.

Then there was who gave her the papers. His upbeat attitude that faded for a few seconds here and there, seemed to be a cover. Jingka had a feeling he wasn’t a seasoned leader but was offered the position and he eagerly accepted it before realizing he had no idea what he was really doing. Then again it could have been the argument he was caught between that seemed to be throwing everything off. There was that slight tension in the air.

Jingka then turned to the waivers, looking over each word carefully. They either wanted them to sign these based on things they knew had happened before the BETA testing, or things they thought were going to happen to the BETA testers. Their wording was particular and very clear, but that gave Jingka more reasons to wonder why. She knew there was a loophole somewhere, and that something may happen to them, but that is why she chose the Pokémon she did. Once she had signed the form, she handed it to Freddie without a word. It was then another came into the room, notably with a bit of sand on himself but not as ravaged as who Jingka was going to refer to as the underdog. Freddie’s stammering about what had happened to him seemed a good enough conversation starter.

“I believe some of us are using rather rough methods to get inside.” She voiced, judging from some of the demeanours of the contestants. “Call it being overzealous or over excited among other things, various tactics have been used at getting through the crowd, however some of us may have been in the crowd at the time those tactics were used.”
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