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Default Re: Does pop culture deserve serious study?


im used to my favourite artists changing styles, doing multiple things for fans.
some fans like, some don't.

changing the style doesn't change the quality of the music itself.

for example, snsd did a innocent girl concept, then cute, etc, but the quality of each song, despite all being different, ballad, pop, dance, is exactly the same.

in fact in time despite changes, artists will always improve.

edit: i will learn about pop culture in japan when i start uni, as i will be taking a masters in japanese (maybe masters in linguistics too) and in my year in japan i will be surrounded in it.
i think it would be nice to have pop culture taught in schools, maybe not called "pop culture" but maybe a more specific media class separate from music/history about history of radio, tv, fashion and how its developed over time rather than listening to radio in class.

i hate the radio

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