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Default Re: General Chat, Help & Questions

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I like the times idea! We could have little things like the "Pokemon Spotlight" - where to find that Pokemon, its rarity, best Pokeballs to catch it with etc. And people could get stars for submitting things to go in the articles!

I will also try advertising our events on the main page more. We have a tournament coming up so hopefully that will help activity a bit!
Oh, I like the Spotlight idea too! :D We should have a comic bit, too, to feature the comics/pics people have been putting in their posts xD

Oh, and also, relating to my next Journey post... You said that we could make interesting things happen to our characters outside official's posts, right? LoL, I'm going to be taking advantage of that... but I'm hoping that my post won't be too long xD *prone to writing novels*

EDIT: Look! I even made a horrible aweful sprite for it! :D


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