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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

eeeeeeee (i was snooping, thought "interesting" saw >rp)

Username - Nickname: miyoun (nickname: ru)
Skills: writing and small graphics
Favorite Pokémon: Raichu
Trainer Sprite: ugu i will try make one asap, if not i will pick da cutest one
Why do you want to join?: it looked interesting and i'm back fully so i thought i should take a proper look then i saw rp :( realistic pokemon scenarios, e.g mafias, wars, pokemon dying, it's all so interesting u enticed me by rp
Other: i'm not a boy my genders been set to male since 2006. im twitchy the rat if any of u remember me. lol don't worry i only type lower caps/bad grammar n punctuation when i'm not writing. iss ma brake

edit: laaaaaaaaaaaazy recolour sprite its 3am YAWN

don't wanna be a sing sing boy | twitter |

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