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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Logan Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder, KatAna (Yes, the second A is capital and pronounced as such) the Phanpy.
Introducing KatAna (Which is so totally not a Warioware refrence)!

...Nothing noteworthy happens within the next few minutes or so, so Logan decided to do something with the time. He released his new Phanpy.

"Phan?" It said, observing the surroundings. It then met Logan's eyes, and albeit they weren't intimidating or intimidated, they definately had a seriousness about them. A 'I'm not really into it but I won't treat it as a joke' kind of look. Serious-natured, perhaps? Definately more gloomy than the always-smiling Kunai.

"Hi there." Logan said, reaching down to pet it. Phanpy immediately swatted the slow-moving hand with his/her trunk, which was more painful than immediately imagined.

"Owch! No need to be harsh...Anyways. You need a name, something I can call you and something you can agree to being called." Logan said.

The Phanpy took no time to put his/her nose to his/her chest and start 'talking' before Logan could say a word. "Phan phanpy! An phan ha Phanpy-Phan, han an anpy phanpy an hanpy!"

"...I honestly cannot understand what you're saying, even if the other way around doens't apply for whatever reason...Henceforth, the name." Logan said. The Phanpy looked a little frustrated, but then rolled his/her eyes, snorted, and just went along with it.

"Uhh...Katana? No, KatAna, like the second 'A' is capital. Sound good?" Logan said. "Sounds rather adrogynous to me, and I don't really know your gender-"

The Phanpy nodded about the name, not much for smiling but definately nodding, but immediately took his/her trunk and started drawling a circle on the ground, followed by a line attached to it and going downwards, followed by a line crossing the first. Replace every instance of 'his/her' with just 'her,' everyone, it's a Girl.

"Ok, you're a smart one...Anyways. KatAna it is, if that Nodding was anything to go by."

"Phan." KatAna briefly said, shrugging. Logan didn't immediatley put her back into her PokeBall, but rather let her stay out, along with Kunai. Adventure awaited, and he had so much to do, or at least he thought he did.

Anyways. He resumed his search for the likes of stars, Pokemon, or anything else useful/important/awesome.
Official's Post

KatAna suddenly takes off. You wonder if you've made that bad a first impression! You follow after her, calling for her to wait, but the little Phanpy keeps going.

Eventually she slows down and stops by the side of the path. She is pointing to something with her trunk. It seems she wasn't trying to escape, after all.

Logan obtained 5 stars.
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