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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
implying you love your dieno because he/she is a dragon type psuedo legendary, not because you met him/her by destiny, if he/she was not a dieno, (example: purrlion, maril etc) you would probably stash it away in a box and trade it for something over the GTS.
Eww, no GTS, thank you. I'd love any shinies, not to say that I'm not willing to trade them at times, but just the fact that they're rare, I'd always value them, not for their trade value but for their rarity and the fact that they were mine, bred naturally.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah
Congrats on such a cool Shiny! :O
Thank you! My next goals are Machop, Zangoose, and Vulpix. I want to get desired natures or IV's down this time first though, haha. The shiny Deino was a happy accident.
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