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Default Re: [DS] A question of interest. (Viral Overgrowth Idea)

Offended? What was offensive? LoL, I didn't find anything offensive xD

To Hyo's post: I would try to bring people here, but honestly, this is the only forum I hang out around, and I don't know anybody in real life who are like what you've said (actually, I'm not sure anyone outside my own family and 1 close friend know about my love for Pokemon, lol). I like the idea of signature advertising, and it makes me think--maybe we could form a RP group or something that tries to promote the RP board. They can use banners or whatever, and have a thread to discuss RPs or whatever. IDK, just throwing that out there xD But I agree that RPing seems to be evolving, and it might be best to make things easier for new RPers, as you said.

@The Frozen Prince: I remember you! :D Not sure if you remember me xD But yeah, it seems like there's a lot of simple RPs, but like Hyo said, it's probably because new RPers just want to jump right into the action (and they don't have a lot of experience, lol). Writing novel RPs takes quite a time, and often times they just want the story to progress as quickly as possible, right? It's kind of sad, because I would like to see more top-notch RPing going on, but it seems like we might have to adapt. Perhaps as the new RPers get more experienced, we'll see better quality coming from them. IDK

To Sabi's Post: I think that what you're trying to do with Journeymon is fantastic--everyone should go check it out! It's an RP that I think is really attempting to do what Hyo said and make it easier for new RPers to join. (I hope that it gets featured on the main site soon, as it could use some more attention from RPers). Sabi simplified the SU sheet so that history isn't included (the one part of the SU sheet that intimidates everyone, I think), and also made the requirement that each post must have at least 3 sentences. We might have to make these kind of adjustments for future RPs, perhaps. Anyways, I think it has a lot of potential, and I'd certainly like to see it get more attention.

To Winter's post: (oops, I think I said some of the things you said earlier, lol, sorry xD) Yeah, now adays it seems to be about speed rather than depth, and we might have to cater to this trend, it seems.

dA! Now that could be a way to do what Hyo suggested, with recruiting good writers! I also like the idea of mentors--maybe it could go with the group I suggested earlier. Anyway, if they spot newcomers, they could volunteer to help them get started--or, new RPers could contact them through PM/VMs.

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