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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Cobalt
Party: Kirlia
Currently: Catching a Rattata (hopefully)

"We are lucky to have a second chance," I said, "let's make it count."
Rattata began running towards us. This must be its quick attack.
"Kirlia block it!" I yelled. Kirlia raised his arms, creating a telekinetic barrier, which Rattata hit, and was pushed back by. Rattata got back up , then suddenly became clouded in shadows. The shadows then disappeared then reappeared behind Kirlia. From there Rattata tackled Kirlia. This must have been Pursuit. It must have been a dark type, because Kirlia seemed weakened from it more than a regular attack. Rattata seemed like it was going to go for another Pursuit.
"Kirlia Magical Leaf before it can attack again!" I yelled. Leaves from the bushes glowed, and the flew towards Rattata. They mostly hit, leaving Ralts weakened, but still standing. One more move, and I may have this.
"Kirlia, finish it off with Psychic, lift it into the air!" I yelled. Kirlia's eyes glowed and Rattata was surrounded by a light blue aura and lifted into the air. Now time for Pokeball 2.
"Go Pokeball!" I yelled, throwing the ball...

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