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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post

Meowth is sucked into the Pokeball...

Aww, it appeared to be caught!

The wild Meowth broke free!

The Meowth scurries away into the bushes and disappears... too bad.

Official's Post

You continue down the route, happy with your journey so far. It is awfully quiet though...

You hear a few short cries from the forest to your left. Peering through the bushes you notice a Phanpy happily eating a berry. A wild Phanpy?! Wow, they're rare!

Wild Phanpy appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you wanna catch it!
Currently eating a berry.
(For the record, I checked. Phanpy and Shellder have the same base speed stat.)

Logan Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder
Lucky Day!

"Phan! Phan!" Went a cry.

Logan internally thought that this was his Pokémon capture, but didn't recognize the Pokémon’s voice. Either way, he instantly got quiet, and made the gesture to his Shellder, making it talk no further. Both Logan and Kunai turn left, towards the source of the sound, and saw the Pokémon in question.

The Pokémon in question was a four-legged Pokémon, with a fairly large head and fairly small legs. On said head were two floppy and large ears, with two orange extrusions appearing on the edges of each, wrapping around. It's head also had a small trunk, with an orange band around it as well, all on a blue-grey body. It was munching on a tasty berry of sorts, not occupied with any thoughts that a trainer was, of all things, stalking it.

He heard from a passerby's quip that Phanpy were fairly hard to find. Henceforth, it was nothing but his relative streak of luck that brought him this chance. Logan smiled. Today? Today was good.

"Kunai, Supersonic, after I set you down, OK?" Logan asked of Kunai quietly, knowing that this wouldn't be an easy battle, especially if he wanted it in fair capturing range. Kunai closed and opened her shell-a way to nod. He set her down.

"ShellllllllllllllllllllllLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!" Went Kunai. At once, a sound beyond the human range of hearing emitted from Kunai, a disorienting and briefly mind-wrecking tone that would best be unheard. Logan couldn't hear it, and Kunai, being the producer of it, was spared, but the Phanpy wasn't. Those huge ears didn't help at all in ignoring the sound, and clearly it was wobbly and dizzy after hearing that. The result was a successful confusion on the part of the Phanpy. Step one was done.

The Wild Pokémon did not like this, identifying it was being attacked despite the impaired mental abilities a confused Pokémon was forced through. "Phanpy Phan! PHANPY!!!" It called out, trying to jump upwards, presumably with the intent to crush poor Kunai. Miserably, it was over a low-hanging branch, and just hit its own head. Poor Phanpy. It was almost sad seeing it like that. Logan promised that he'd take good care of it.

"Kunai! Icicle Spear!" Logan commanded Kunai.

"Shellder Shell!" Kunai obeyed, shooting out several icy projectiles after a brief pause to cool the air right in front of her and to aim them. The first three shots-well, the Phanpy didn't seem to be that badly injured by them. The fourth and fifth, however, definitely made it known that the Phanpy was hurt by them, with a moderately-sized laceration being created the fourth time on its back, and the fifth hitting it square in the trunk.

"PHAN!!"It didn't like either of those. It still looked like it had no idea where everything was, but quite like before, it attempted an attack regardless. Quite unlike before, however, it succeeded in both not hitting itself in the process and not badly missing either. Kunai was suddenly forced to close its shell very, very hard. Logan was thankful he didn't hear cracking, but it sounded very painful for the Shellder.

"Shell elld..." Muttered Kunai, rather sadly. Logan could almost translate it as 'that hurt.' Either way, Kunai clearly was hit fairly hard. It probably hit something rather important...

"Kunai! Try to shake it off and use a Tackle!" Logan ordered, adding in 'try' because he wasn't sure how bad it was. Kunai responded immediately, though: No Paralysis, no overly-long period of flinching, nothing like that, and immediately moved (Logan, at this point, was suddenly curious how Kunai could move) fast enough for ramming speed. Phanpy took the hit head on, right to the skull...But apparently, two wrongs did make a right in Celestia, and despite the fact the Phanpy was panting a little, it no longer looked so disoriented.

"Kunai, another Superson-"


Logan couldn't finish the sentence: another attack came from the Phanpy too fast for him to complete his sentence. Despite the fact that, somehow, Kunai had a speed advantage, the Phanpy made it a moot point immediately by launching small, jagged pieces of ice at blinding speed. The frosty projectiles hit their target with dead-on accuracy, but for minimal damage (hey, Kunai was a water type). It was...Weird, to say the least. The Ground-type Phanpy knew an Ice-Type move of some sort. OK. Moving on. Nothing to be worried too much about...yet...

Despite his incomplete sentence, Kunai understood exactly what Logan wanted. "ShelllllllllllllllLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!"Kunai went, immediately sending another sound wave, impossible-to-hear-by-humanity, was sent at the Wild Pokémon...Only this time, the Phanpy seemed to ignore it, as much as Logan and Kunai did. Perhaps hearing it a second time deluded the effects somewhat? Or maybe it just wasn't loud enough? Either way, the Phanpy appeared to smirk from the failure of the move.

"Kunai! Another Tackle!" Logan called out.

"SHELL!!" Kunai yelled in response, jettisoning (somehow) towards the Long Nose Pokemon. It hit home again, catching the Phanpy straight to the side. It cringed briefly, but stood still. However, It now was starting to show weakness, in the form of much more audible panting.

"...Phan...Phan...Phan...Phan...Phan...Phan..." Logan knew what those sounds of weakness meant. He could throw a PokéBall now, and it could have a decent chance of capturing the Pokemon. But before that could happen, the Phanpy tried to use another Attack, the same one as before, the one that that involved slamming itself down at the foe with its full body weight. Either Slam, or its cousin Body Slam, and either way, a strong attack. It also hit again, crushing Kuani under the Phanpy's weight.

"...Shell...Shell...Shell...Shell...Shell...Shell.. ." Kuani went.

Logan COULD throw the PokéBall now, but he knew that Rare Pokémon were also usually stronger and harder to catch. He wanted some more damage. Just a little more.

"Kunai! Try Supersonic again!" Logan said.

"...Shell...Shell...ShellllllllllllllllllLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLL!!!!!" Went Kunai, getting Supersonic to as loud as it got. It passed Logan's range of hearing, a third time trying to make that Phanpy bowel over in confusion. It seemed to have worked, as the Phanpy, in addition to its panting, now looked wobbly and dazed, like it was in a twister or something else like that. It's next attack was seemingly another Slam (or Body Slam), and it jumped and hit its target...If you count its target as the bush Logan was standing in front of, and not Kunai nor Logan. It didn't seem to come out of that completely unscathed-perhaps the bush dug into the laceration somewhat?

"...Phan...Phan...Phan...Phan...Phan......Phan..... .Phan......Phan..." Went Phanpy. Now was the best time to capture it, Logan thought.

"Kunai, standby! I'm using the PokéBall!" Logan stated, doing exactly what he said he was. He would have said 'throwing,' but would you count it as 'throwing' if the target was inches in front of you? No, Logan's 6-foot-5 long body could easily reach the Phanpy, but he didn't want to be holding the PokéBall if it got loose, so he just lightly tossed it onto the Phanpy. Phanpy was enveloped by, and shortly thereafter transformed into, a red light, which was then sucked into the PokéBall. Logan urged Kunai to stay opposite him and the PokéBall, in case Phanpy tried to flee.

...The ball wobbled back and forth, back and forth...Logan was eager for his first capture, and this could be it, so anticipation was high...the ball still wobbled, back and forth, back and forth...
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