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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
nova out post

Tiny Pulls out his badge that he got from Zenith Town Gym and please teach it to Pidgeotto
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Danny takes the badge and looks it over. "Hmm... I'm sorry to say, this badge doesn't look real. Did you REALLY win it from a Gym?" he frowns.

"Ha! Just kidding. This is fine." He hands you back the badge and laughs. "Come on, Pidgeotto, we have some work to do!"

He takes your Pidgeotto deeper into the forest. You sit down and wait for what seems like a long time... eventually he comes back out with Pidgeotto on his shoulders. "All done! Your Pidgeotto is a fast learner. It now knows HM Defog. You should also take this with you, that way you can teach Defog to your other Pokemon."

Pidgeotto learned Defog. Tiny received HM08 Defog.
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