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Nicole "Nikki" Eelayo and Damon Eelayo
Jolteon and Manectric

The intern sounded baffled at the comment Nikki had retorted out hastily, "Er, do you two know each other?” which was then followed by a question that rocked Nikki's mind, “Are you two… brother and sister?”

Nikki could only bite her lower lip as Lightning pricked his fur to that question. She could not believe her eyes - her brother - wait, this stranger resembling her brother is standing right in front of everyone. 'The nerve of this... this...' Nikki thought in anger, clenching the pen in her hand. Her thoughts trailed off as soon as she thought them up, there were bigger things to worry about.

Damon obviously ignored everything that was said aloud besides the symphony of one particular woman's voice. It resonated in his ears, driving him to the source, "Nikki, is that you?" He gawked, not recognizing his sister at all. Her once long, raven hair was now choppy, blonde, and tipped with the finest black. He slapped both hands into his own raven locks, "Nikki, it IS you!" He grinned, running to her like a fool only to be stopped by her Jolteon in a flurry of growls and snarling.

Damon's own Manectric rushed to his aid, baring his fangs at his once friend and brother. Damon blinked in confusion, oblivious to the sand-magnet behind him, "Nikki, what's up with Lightning?" He questioned, a tinge of dejection in his throat.

"Stay away from me." Nikki growled between her teeth, "You're not welcomed in my life anymore - you out of everyone should know that." She retorted, slamming her open hand onto the table, "Now, if you don't mind, I need to sign these waivers." She hissed, turning her chair abruptly with a screech, focusing her gaze onto the documents before her. Lightning remained where he was, growls and all.

"Nicole..." Damon whispered, fumbling with emotions. He turned his head in silence, aware of the audience around him. His oblivious stature turned into a self-conscious one as he shuffled to the other side of the room, leaning against the closest wall, Thunder at his side, "Hey, where do I get one of 'them papers?" He asked aloud, rubbing the back of his neck. He felt like a total outcast - his own sister abandoning him in a room full of strangers. Damon's ego fell for the worst.
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