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Helena Raiken
Aspertia City
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Black, raven hair swished back and forth as a small-statured woman crossed the cracking, paved ground. Her boots clinked on the ground with every step she took. It definitely caught some attention from the local folk of Aspertia City. The raven-beauty huffed a grunt, "You'd figure they've seen a ranger in their days..." She pouted, crossing her arms tightly, creating creases in her hot-pink half-jacket. Sighing, she looked back, searching the entrance tunnel with her forest eyes, "Noctoralli? Where did you run off to?" The woman questioned becoming worried.

A low growl permeated the air, "Ummm."

The woman turned abruptly, turning in her boots too quickly, falling over in turn, "Damnit, Nocta! What did I tell you about sneaking up like that? You could have been one of those wild Pokemon everyone's been so uptight about!" She spazzed, glaring into a pair of red eyes hidden in a darkened alleyway.

An elderly man passed by the raven-haired woman, lending out a hand, "Are you al'wight miss? I saw'ya take a 'ardy fall there." He huffed, having a hard time lowering himself to lend his assistance. The raven-haired woman smiled lightly, "Thank you, sir." She replied, taking his hand to help herself up.

"I 'avn't seen a ranger in 'ears. Who may you be?" The old man chuckled, placing a shaky hand on the small of his back.

"Helena Raiken, sir. I'm... recently graduated. Now, if you don't mind, I must be going." She smiled sheeply, rubbing the back of her head, "Come on, girl!" She hollered, waving to the darkness that loomed behind her.

Out of the shadows jumped a body as sleek as a baby Sealeo. The rings that encased her body let out an ominous yellow glow that permeated the slightly cloudy sky just briefly until the sun kissed her delicate fur. The elderly man let out a yelp before tumbling backwards, "P-p-pokemon!" He hollered, his breath running out as he passed out into the grass below him.

Helena sighed, shaking her head, "Nocta, why do you always have to do that?" She puckered, dragging the man to a stubby tree near a few abandoned looking buildings.

A low growl made its way to Helena's ears, "Ummm."

A sigh escaped Helena's pale-pink lips with a follow-up of her eyes rolling, "That's what you always have to say for yourself." Reaching into a bag that hung around her body she pulled out a slip of paper, "Now, where did we have to go...?" Helena spoke aloud, searching the paper for any sort of information that may lead her to her next whereabouts. Nothing. Helena let out a frown, "You simply have to be kidding... Nocta, this paper is kidding me, right?" Helena twitched, leaning over to show her partner the faintly printed words.

A low growl permeated the silence, "Ummm."

Helena smacked the paper to her face in annoyance, "I KNOW you don't understand this either... wait, what are you doing?" She questioned, watching Noctoralli stand up abruptly. Helena pushed herself up, brushing off the pieces of dead grass from her tights, "Where are you going?" She questioned once again.

Noctoralli said no more as she began sprinting off into the alleyway just behind Helena. Helena stuffed the parchment into her skinny bag and rushed off after her Pokemon, "Nocta, Nocta, wait up!" She whispered, her fear escalating as the alleyway grew darker with every step they took, "This place... is so creepy. Please, Arceus, I don't want to die..." She whispered, losing track of Noctoralli, "Dear, Arceus..." She shivered, unable to see anything in sight. The buildings towered over the alleyway, thus, hiding the sunlight, "N-Nocta...?" She cried, backing up until she felt something cold and hard against the back of her head. Her red fedroa falling off in the process, "Ow, ow, ow..." She grumbled, leaning over blindly placing her hands in front of her. As soon as she found something that felt and resembled her headwear she lightly picked it up, brushing the sides off, "Noctoralli, if you're out there use Moonlight. Now." She growled, placing her fedora back on.

A low growl made its way to Helena, "Urrrsaa..."

Helena felt her heart skip a beat and felt her sweat grow cold as it dripped from her forehead, "Oh, Arceus, oh Arceus..." She whispered, placing her hands back pushing herself up the wall, "Nocta!" She whispered loudly, desperate for her Pokemon, "NOCTA!" She hollered, giving up whispering. As soon as she grew in volume a heavy breath pattered her face. Saliva dripped from the tip of her fedora onto her boots. Helena could hear her own heart beating. She bit her lower lip, trying to move as slowly she could down the wall.

The breath that lingered above her grew dark with snarling, "Urrrsaring!" The voice bellowed. Helena froze in place feeling air rush up as if she was about to be clubbed by a giant paw, "Nocta!" She screamed, letting out one more desperate cry. As if that cry brought out her guardian, rings of light cascaded itself into the body that once stood above Helena. Her body shook wildly, slumping over in what could have been, "N-Nocta?" She whispered feeling a cool, wet lick upon her cheek.

"Ummm?" The voice cooed, indeed being her Umbreon.

"Noctoralli!" Helena cried, wrapping her arms around her Umbreon's neck. Realizing soon after they weren't safe Helena pushed herself up as quickly as she realized that fact, "Nocta, Moonlight! We need to get out of here ASAP!" She paniced, rushing ahead of her Umbreon as light glimmered down the alleyway. Growls followed the duo as they ran like lightning to the other opening of the alleyway. As soon as they made daylight Nocta's Moonlight ran off and the two were in front of what looked like a run-down gym. Helena was still shaking from the adrenaline. She almost died back there, "S-so that... that is what facing a wild Pokemon is like..." She gulped. Not able to collect her thoughts she felt a tug on her skirt, "What is it, Nocta?" She stuttered, leaning over to lean on her Umbreon to collect her thoughts.

Nocta motioned her tail towards the sky, impatiently lifting her trainer's head with her own.

Helena squinted, the light was blinding, "Ow..." She yelped, lowering her face, blinking like mad to rid the painful light from her vision, "What was that for?" She huffed, feeling another tug. Noctoralli had shown herself into Helena's satchel, pulling out the slip of paper.

"Ummm, Umbreon~" Nocta cooed, pointing her tail to the sky then towards the gym.

Helena took the slip from her Umbreon, reading the words carefully this time, “Find what sticks out like an unusually shiny object in the sky, and follow the tiny master, and give the master’s master your name. That is the password.” Helena scratched her head, covering her eyes to look into the sky then at the gym, "Is this where we are supposed to be, Nocta?" She questioned, not truly understanding the message.

Nocta only nodded, shaking her trainer off and rushing to the gym's entrance, sitting by the shambled doors with a sigh, "Ummm, ummm!" She cooed, waiting patiently for Helena this time.

Helena pushed herself up, brushed the dirt and grass off her clothing, tightened her hat, and let out a huff, "Okay! If you insist!" She shakily retorted, "The gym it is..." She whispered in disbelief, still in shock from the incident only moments ago.
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