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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Bobalina, Neku, Miles, Luxio, Swiftwind
Currently: Entering

As Quinn enters Route 5, he checks his PokeGear for info about Aurora's Leader.

"Keyword: Aurora Gym Leader"

Aurora City Gym Leader: JC
Type: Ground/Flying
Awards: Gravity Badge + TM???

"Stupid bug!" Quinn shouts at his PokeGear. "Still need to get that fixed...Anyways, this place is barren of people..."

"I think I see someone in the distance..." Luxio says. "I think it's a male and he's No! Orange!"

"Oh! That's Corey! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Corey!" (Sora thing when he calls Riku in Dream Drop Distance)

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