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Kunai, however, stayed awake. While looking,but not walking, around Route 1, Kunai noticed something very shiny... A shiny spherical object. What is it? Kunai picked it up and gave it to Logan.

Logan found 10 stars!
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"SHELLDER!" Kunai suddenly yelled, jumping off of Logan's shoulder (somehow) to scuttle over towards...Something shiny. Logan knew it wouldn't wander off TOO far, so he just watched.

"Ellder Ell Shellder!" Kunai said, holding out on her tounge (eww) the object she found in question, which appeared to be a spherical object with stars engraved on-wait.

That was a 10-star Sphere.

Logan briefly wondered why they came in spheres, before taking the ten stars and petting Kunai for a job well done. "Great Girl, Kunai, great Girl..." Logan said, smiling.

"Shell shell shell!" Kunai went in response. Logan took Kunai and put her on his shoulder again, before resuming the adventure. Good fortune so far!
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