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Default Re: [DS] A question of interest. (Viral Overgrowth Idea)

I remember you, TFP! Not well, but enough my jaw about dropped off when I saw you username. XD

I think part of the thrown-together looking RPs are due in part to the fact that some of our newbies just try to jump right in, without trying to join (or most of the time, even look at) other RPs first. As for speed, the RP boards have been moving slowly ever since WAR this year after the event brought the boards to an almost complete halt. Trust me--speed will not be a problem; the RPs I'm in probably get a post every few days if we're lucky.

Now, to go completely out of order and address what Hyo said, maybe our members on dA could try advertising through journals? Not obsessively, but just a quick "Hey, I know this site that has an awesome but dying RP community," or something? We have a dA group, but there are very few people in it and hardly anything ever gets submitted to it, possibly due to the fact that it has very little publicity, but we could try changing that. Now if you have ideas for the RP board itself, definitely PM Sabi about it; she's always up for suggestions on how to make this place better. I know I suggested a kind of mentoring or buddy program awhile back... What bothers me, though, is that I don't know that anyone would bother looking at an introduction thread or the rules. There's a problem with rules and people not looking at stuff in the trades section, and I'm not sure it would be any different here. I am all for being more welcome if people think it would work, though. It was part of my reasoning behind suggesting a kind of mentoring/buddy program.

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