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Name: Amos Altone.

Gender: Male.

Age: Whatever the Salamence equivalent of 30 is.

Species: Salamence Scryer.

Allegiance: The Circle.

Appearance: Amos is large, even for a Salamence, standing at 5'5". He usually wears a calm, if slightly wary, expression, and carries his chin high. His scales are slightly faded and worn from all the time he spends in the sun and wind. He wears a leather satchel, full of inks and blank paper and half-finished maps. The inner claw on his right foot is slightly off-white, thanks to the layers of ink that have stained it over the years. A burn scar from a past fight mars the edge of his right wing.

Personality: Amos is, for the most part, introverted and quiet. He is serious and reserved by nature, and his grave and quiet demeanor isn't likely to change thanks to his Caller talents. He is a brave soul, but he isn't a fool; he will defend suspected Callers publicly right up until the point at which it puts him the Circle in danger. He tends to think objectively and does not generally form strong opinions; however, once his mind is made up there is little that can change it. Because of his ability to remain unbiased, he tends to take on a mediator role in debates. He is very intelligent and well-learned, and enjoys pondering the meanings of life and why the world is the way it is.

While Amos does not actively seek out conversation - and in fact finds prolonged interaction with others quite tiring - he does feel a need to be among others every now and again. He does it for a few reasons - a sense of obligation to his fellow townsfolk, as well as the sense of reality it gives him, since when he is among them he feels anchored to a fixed point, rather than drifting as he usually does in his Scryer visions. He is generally calm and is slow to anger; however, once he is angry it is very hard to calm down. He is very protective of Gretchen; if he knows she can handle something, he will stay out of it, but when he feels intervention is necessary he will not hesitate to provide it. He doesn't have a very strong sense of humor, but he will occasionally crack a wry joke or two.

Background: Amos was born to a middle-class family; his mother was a painter and Salamence like himself, so from an early age he was taught the arts. While he was still young, his Caller talents began to emerge. Most parents would have panicked; however, Amos's parents were Callers themselves, and once Amos grew old enough they introduced him to the Circle. Amos was blessed with discretion and was already seen as a recluse, so fortunately no one thought much of it when he began to withdraw from society to keep his talents secret.

Once Amos grew older and evolved, he decided to move away from his birthplace to a city on the fringe of untamed wildlands, so that he could practice his Scryer talents and attempt to ply his desired trade of cartography. He built a small dwelling-place for himself on the plains in the outskirts of town and began to live in it, slowly forging relationships with the city's denizens. His reputation as a stable and good-hearted citizen grew, and he earned himself a place in the city council.

Not long after that, Amos was walking home one rainy night when he heard shallow breathing. He looked around and found a Deino lying in the gutter, soaking wet with a bloody gash on her lip. Amos asked her where her parents were, and when she gave startlingly specific replies Amos suspected that she was a Caller and he didn't dare to put her in the orphanage. With nowhere else to turn, he decided to raise the child as his own.

Other: I'd try to be funny...


Name: Gretchen Altone.

Gender: Female.

Age: Roughly 12.

Species: Deino Hunter.

Allegiance: The Circle.

Appearance: Gretchen is pint-sized, with a height of only 2'3". She has a long, tapering, almost canine muzzle that usually wears a mischievous, lopsided grin. Her particularly fluffy neck and chest ruff, combined with her gruff voice, often get her mistaken for a male. On her 'ponytail', she wears a Cobalt Bow - which is not a mysterious remnant of her past that she was found with, by the by. Her upper lip on the left side of her face is scarred, making some of her front teeth visible even when her mouth is closed.

Personality: At first glance, Gretchen is an abrasive Deino who doesn't care what anyone thinks. Upon closer examination, she can be revealed as an abrasive Deino who doesn't care what most people think. While she isn't deliberately nasty and doesn't (usually) go out of her way to pick fights with random strangers, Gretchen doesn't give a Rattatta's behind about what the average joe thinks of her and her opinions. She's very blunt, willing to say what she thinks and much less willing to care if others like it. She isn't stupid; she isn't going to go out and say that she hates the Guard and that her life's dream is to light all of them on fire, for instance. However, she has been known to speak without thinking, which often lands her in trouble.

Behind her rough attitude, Gretchen is generally a high-spirited and confident individual. She doesn't easily get depressed, and can as a general rule roll with life's punches fairly well. She is among the first to crack a joke, and picks her targets without discrimination. While she isn't a genius, she is rather crafty, and good at quick thinking which has saved her bacon in more than one pinch. She tends to get very anxious when left alone, and she can be rather temperamental at times when someone doesn't pick up on what she's saying right away. However, her greatest annoyance is when someone sneaks up on her because, thanks to her blindness, the thought that anyone can do that frightens her badly. Do not expect to keep all of your digits if you try to sneak up on her.

Background: "Run, child! Run and never come back!"

That is the first thing that Gretchen remembers: her mother's voice calling out to her as she ran through the night, terrified. The next thing she knew, she was in Amos's cave, lying sopping wet in front of his hearth.

From the first day, Amos made it clear that Gretchen was not his blood daughter, but that at the same time he would do his best to treat her as if she was anyway. Gretchen never really minded this; she merely accepted it as a fact of growing up. While she was a small child, she often mused about who her parents were, but for the most part she discarded this line of pondering as pointless as she grew older. She had Amos, and that was enough.

Amos was very careful in teaching Gretchen how to mask her Hunter talents. When she was a child, her favorite game to play was "Find the stones", in which Amos would give Gretchen several pebbles to smell and touch before hiding them all over the house. The objective was not to find the stones as fast as was possible - which was childishly easy for her - but to make it look as if she were searching for them, and to only 'find' the stones after a good bit of snuffling about and bumping around with her nose to the ground.

As she grew older, she and Amos both agreed that she would never be able to follow in the latter's cartographic footsteps, so she decided to train herself in the fine and noble art of... gardening. She developed an uncanny knack for growing things, and Amos indulged her by setting up a small plot of land by their home. Little crops of berries and herbs provided helpful supplements to both their diets and incomes. Also as she grew older, Amos introduced her to the Circle - being careful to wait until she could keep her talents hidden. She is always eager to help the Circle, doing this by donating most of her garden's proceeds to the order. But she dreams of one day becoming one of their strong fighters, taking the battle to the Guard that she so loathes.

Other: but...


Name: Timor Nettle.

Gender: Male.

Age: 32.

Species: Unspecial Sceptile.

Allegiance: The Guards.

Appearance: Timor is average in height and a bit on the lean side, standing at 5'6". His scales are bright and glossy and slightly more bluish than those of the average Sceptile. His wrist-blades and claws are both long and razor sharp, and the leaves on his tail are lush and healthy. However, the fire that claimed his family has left him with burn scars, mostly on the right side of his body: the back of his neck, his chest, and the lower right side of his face are dotted with scar tissue.

Personality: Timor comes off to some a genuinely nice guy, to others as a sleazy, manipulative weasel, and to still others as a duty-and-honor-driven warrior. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Timor is sociable and while he doesn't go actively looking for friends, he is usually quite willing to keep up a conversation with someone. He generally has a somewhat positive outlook on life, which when coupled with his smooth social skills make him pleasant company - if you aren't a Caller. If you are a Caller, Timor will stop at nothing to kill you. He takes his oath very seriously, and he genuinely believes that, no matter the cost, the Callers must be exterminated.

On this dark note, Timor can be quite manipulative. He will stop at little short of killing innocents to hound out Callers, and his natural charisma and easy charm only make him that much more effective. He is very honor-driven, and despite claims to the contrary he is rather easily influenced and not particularly loyal to things that aren't him. He also has a temper on him - insult his character or his moral rightness if you want to see him rage - and is given to doubting and discouragement when he is alone.

Background: Timor was born the eldest of three siblings to a well-to-do merchant family in a relatively large town, and was taught a keen eye for business: how to haggle and trade, but also how to charm and sweet-talk others. For most of his upbringing, it was understood without saying that his parents would attempt to bequeath to him the family business to him, and that he wouldn't so much as consider accepting it. Even as a child, he was restless, and much preferred to train himself in fighting than the politics of commerce.

However, Timor's lackadaisical attitude toward his future was changed sharply when, while he was still a Grovyle, an aged, kindly Torkoal and Screamer-in-hiding went on a sudden, inexplicable rampage. The rampage was stopped quickly, but not before Timor's home was burnt to the ground. He and his sister barely escaped; his sister, who had become his only living family, died the very next day. As he watched his sister's last breath, Timor vowed that he would never allow another family to be hurt the way his had been again. Once his burns had healed, Timor went in search of the Guard. Sympathizing with his drive and appreciating his agility and cunning, they took him in and trained him.

A small hole opens up in Timor's history there, a patch in which he dodges all direct questions the best he can. What is known is that, while he was still a Grovyle, he fell in love. He will not reveal the identity of his lover; only that she was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on, although "It took her a long time to realize just how perfect she was". They had a brief yet passionate affair, which was tragically cut short when the lady in question was revealed to be an Empath.

"She is dead," Timor invariably ends this story with that line, and will not say anymore. Most assume that he was forced to kill her himself.

After that, Timor dedicated himself relentlessly to the pursuit of the Callers, forging a killing path and rising through the Guards' ranks, becoming a trusted commander shortly after his evolution. Nowadays, he stalks the streets, fulfilling his oath to the best of his abilities, believing that he is still in the right but never without tethers of self-doubt tugging at his heart.

Other: ... nope!
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