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Name: Irene Drago

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Seer Haxorus

Allegiance: The Circle

Appearance: Irene’s relatively small, particularly for a Haxorus. She stands at a mere 1.5 meters and has a mass of about 70 kilograms. However, most her body is pure muscle, and it shows. She has many scars on the black parts of her body, and many scratches on her dark yellow scales, particularly on her arms. Instead of tapering off, the tip of her tail ends abruptly, as though the last couple of centimeters were cut off. Her facial expression defaults to something between exasperated and distracted.

Personality: Irene is acidic. She simply gives off a vibe of “I don’t like you” when she enters the room. This vibe is generally proven to be accurate when she opens up her mouth and insults your parentage, your ethics, and your wisdom tooth in the same sentence, in the dryest way possible. In fact, it is very rare to see her talk at all except insult someone in some way.

But Irene is also quite perceptive, and in the course of her insults it is occasionally revealed just how perceptive she is. A lot of the insults she throws around are actual observations, made using her Seer abilities and her general knowledge and experience to deduce where you’ve been, what you were doing, and just how many johns you’ve serviced over the course of the last evening. She generally keeps it under wraps (she is not a fan of being decapitated, apparently), but when you get past her insults, she’s scary smart.

After getting to know Irene a bit better, you discover that, yes, she really is acidic, but she isn’t naturally as acidic as she portrays herself to be. She generally keeps up a front of being a jerk primarily to keep most people away. She has two reasons for this: one, Irene is a bit of a loner by nature. Not a poor-me-angsty-I-need-friends-waa loner, but a genuine I-simply-prefer-to-be-alone loner. She strongly prefers reading or a solo exploration to having to deal with other creatures, as she finds the latter to be draining. The other reason Irene likes to be alone is practicality: she is a Seer, and a really powerful one, and others tend to have a variety of bright colors, make a lot of noise, and have many subtle and not-so-subtle scents, things that can overwhelm a Seer easily, especially one as powerful as Irene. As such, she doesn’t venture out often. Hell, her home is a small cave that most couldn’t see even if they were looking for it, lit only by a single candle, and furnished with a small chest for supplies and food, a mattress for Irene to sleep on, and walls positively painted with books of all kinds. It’s made to minimize the number of stimuli Irene gets, and she spends most of her time there either reading or meditating.

But just because Irene is small and brainy does not mean she is incapable of being brawny: despite being on the small size, she is a Haxorus. She has at least a passable of knowledge of most standard weapons (swords, spears, and the like) and is beyond strong in terms of direct combat. She has more than a working knowledge of attacks that leave wide amounts of destruction in her wake, and is, quite simply, a being of mass destruction. She’s had plenty practice too: she pays the bills by exploring, and she doesn’t half-ass the job.


Irene was born to the House of Drago, a mainly Dragon-type noble family that strongly supports the Guards financially and is rumored to be source of some of their more competent agents. From a young age, Irene was educated about a vast variety of academia, social manipulations, and combat styles, while being repeatedly informed of just how dangerous a Caller can be. She was taught to recognize the different types of Caller from a young age, and to inform her House that they were a Caller so that they could be turned in. Irene, even at a young age, however, didn’t particularly care to turn in the Callers in question, figuring that their danger level had been exaggerated.

However, this changed when, at the age of 10, two things happened. One, Irene witnessed a Caller rampage first hand for the first time. Not the hushed stories her parents and uncles had told her that she never believed, but an actual, genuine Caller rampage. The perpetrator was a Bellossom. The city the Caller rampaged in took about a year to recover. This discrepancy was not lost on Irene, who would have ran to join the Guards at that point if not for the second thing that happened. Irene began to notice things. She could hear the beats of wings, far above her. She could see the specks of dust from several feet away as they were kicked about by people walking around. She could smell the subtle scents that most completely ignored. Now, Irene had always been an intelligent child, and figured out that she was a Seer, and, from the few accounts she heard, a powerful one.

No longer could Irene stand to hear the stories of Callers losing their minds. Each night she went to bed, the thought of the Bellossom destroying city blocks, claiming lives, thoughtlessly, unable to control its actions, haunting her, making her wonder if it was her who was going to be next. And to her ever increasing horror, her Seer abilities were getting stronger. Even going out in public was starting to overload her. As nobles are expected to be sociable, this was getting to be a problem. After nearly snapping at one of many social gatherings that she would be expected to attend, Irene simply left, without another word. She was only 15, and a Fraxure.

Irene then moved near Treasure Town, and used the combat skills she had learned at her home for the purposes of exploring. She never joined a guild, primarily because of the group setting, and spent most her time looking for treasure. Of course, the best way to find out where to dig around for treasure is by listening to rumors. Rumors involve people; people involve crowds; crowds involve stimuli; stimuli involve problems for Irene. She’ll hang out on the fringes and try to listen without overloading, but she’d leave after about 15 minutes, or force herself to stay longer if she didn’t hear anything. She continued this routine for a while, although she would occasionally have to stay home to make sure she didn’t overload.

It changed, however, when an agent of the Circle, a Recaller, was scouting out the memories of the crowds, looking for people to recruit. She happened to glance at Irene’s memories for an instant, and she was startled by their clarity. The Recaller quickly concluded that Irene was powerful Seer and an excellent fighter: just the kind of agent that the Circle needed. After talking it over with the Grandmaster, the Recaller brought Irene to the Circle.

Now the Circle operated on a need to know basis. Very much. Unfortunately for Irene, she could know quickly. When she had a bag placed on her head and tied up in a way to restrain her powers, she still was able to deduce not only where the safe location was, but the species of the ones who brought her there with the sole exception of the Grandmaster, a powerful Seer in his own right who was able to cover up the clues that would have led Irene to her conclusion. Now, Irene wasn’t immediately forced to join (she would have been if she was reluctant); in fact, she was sympathetic with the Circle’s aims. She was, however, not exposed to the other grunts, but instead kept as a single agent to prevent the spread of sensitive information. She was 20 and a recently evolved Haxorus.

Irene rose quickly through the organization through a combination of brains, brawn, and pure gumption. However, her raising and the Bellossom still haunt her, and she secretly questions whether or not she’s doing the right thing. To the general public, she is still the reclusive explorer. To the Circle, she’s the acidic lone wolf who will brook no BS. But Irene still struggles with what she is to herself...

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