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Default Secrets of the Spirit Callers

Secrets of the Spirit Callers

Even in paradise, darkness looms.

You live in a world with crystalline waters, blue sky, bright sun, and most of all, peace. What’s more, in this world, there are magnificent creatures of beauty, grace, and power known as Pokemon. Some breathe fire, others control the seas, and still others are capable of wielding telekinesis. What’s more, you’re one of them. Pokemon of all kinds live in harmony and peace, exploring together, playing together, learning together.

But what if you were told that this paradise was less like the Biblical one and more like the city of Omelas?

You see, some Pokemon have the ability to perceive far more than normal. Some see visions of the past or future on contact. Others can see things in such exacting detail that they can match Sherlock Holmes himself in his own game. Still others can feel the emotions of those around them, enabling them to do things like detect lies instantly and choose friends easily.

But you may ask yourself, why would this subvert the heaven that everyone finds themselves in?

The problem is, Pokemon are not intended to see that much. Pokemon with visions may see something so horrible and terrible that they go insane. Pokemon who see in great detail may overload at the sheer amount of information and become mad. Pokemon who feel the emotions of others are not intended to feel that much emotion, and may break from the stress of all the conflicting emotions running around inside their heads.

When humans go crazy, they end up going on shooting rampages and killing others. When Pokemon, who have inhuman strength and speed as well as the ability to tap into forces of nature go crazy, maps need to be redrawn and thousands of beings need to be evacuated.

So when a Pokemon displays signs that they are a Spirit Caller, instead of being revered for their gifts, they are swiftly hunted down and killed, with no more compunction than most would feel shooting a rabid dog. It doesn’t matter if the Pokemon is of good or evil character. It doesn’t matter if the Pokemon is a Sunkern or a Slaking. It doesn’t even matter if the Pokemon is a child or an adult: Spirit Callers are hunted down and killed. Swiftly and painlessly, but killed. In fact, an organization known simply as the Guards specifically formed to destroy the Callers.

The Guards operate with complete knowledge of the public, and, due to the sheer amount of destruction a kookoo Caller can cause, they are very popular, except, of course, among the actual Callers. As if this were not enough, individual agents are kept absolutely secret; thus, confiding in anyone about Caller abilities may result in your head being separated from your neck the next day.

However, there is a bit of hope. A round, black clad figure of an unknown species only called by the name of “Grandmaster of All Things Bad”, or simply Grandmaster, has been employing agents of his own to find Callers, bring them to his lair beneath Treasure Town, and train them to control their abilities and use them to their advantage. In return, the Callers trained by the Grandmaster take orders from him, and act as his agents. The Grandmaster has named his organization The Circle, and operates exclusively in the shadows.

So, what are you in this? Are you a Guard, trying to prevent catastrophic levels of destruction by mad Callers? Are you an agent of the Circle, trying to spare the Callers and train them to control themselves? Or are you just a regular Joe (well, as regular of a Joe as a Pokemon can be), trying to get by? Regardless, life is about to get quite interesting for all those involved...


The Guards:

The Guards are a force dedicated first and foremost to obliterating all Callers. Most of the Guards do genuinely believe they are doing the right thing, even though the “right thing” involves killing many sentient creatures, even children. Even though they operate with public knowledge, the individual members’ identities are kept on a need-to-know basis to prevent problems, and, well, most people don’t need to know. The head of the Guards is not known to the general public; indeed, it is unknown to even most of the Guards themselves. Even the Guards who see the Director only see a floating hooding figure whose presence tends to send a chill through the room for some reason.

The Circle:

If the Guards are the necessary evil, then the Circle is the risky good. As far as anyone outside the Circle is concerned, the organization does not exist. The Circle aims to The Circle is organized into a cell network: most grunt level agents know only of a superior and a couple of agents they are made to work with. The Circle limits its membership to Callers to limit the amount of moles possible in the organization.

Despite his less than promising name, the Grandmaster of All Things Bad is actually quite cheerful and friendly, willing to chat with his subordinates, whom he refers to either by first name or by the term “friend.” He even calls his organization his Circle of Friends, referred to in casual conversation among the agents as “The Circle.” However, he is capable of playing politics as well as anyone, and, if that fails, he is a powerful Caller and Pokemon with the ability to turn most Pokemon into red stains if they give him sufficient motivation. Such is his competence that the Guards only have suspicions about an organization like the Circle, and those only from the statistics of the number of Callers disposed of each year.

Types of Callers:

Not all callers are the same. In fact, they come in seven different flavors:

Screamers- These Callers are your classic “see visions of the past/future” Callers. They practice psychometry, or divination through contact with an object. This may occasionally happen involuntarily (particularly when the Screamer is first coming into his or her powers), but it is usually induced.

Scryers- If Screamers can be said to sense a space through time, Scryers can be said to sense the present time through space. They see the things that are happening at the moment they get their visions, but in other places. Like Screamers, this is mostly voluntary, but may occasionally occur randomly. Note that Scryers can’t control where their visions come from, and have to ID the location based on markers in the vision as opposed to instinctively.

Seers- Seers sense everything in very precise levels of detail. If there’s mud on your foot, a Seer is likely to not only spot it, but ID its precise color, composition, and (if they studied soils) the precise location it came from. The Grandmaster is a Seer.

Empaths- Empaths feel you. Literally. Whatever emotion a Pokemon is experiencing, they can feel it on an instinctual level, even if the Pokemon in question is a master at concealing emotions. Do not try to lie to Empaths. You will fail. Badly.

Recallers- Recallers can perceive the memories of other beings through focus, with two catches. One, the memory will be experienced through the lens of the person the memory belongs to; two, Recallers can only read conscious memories, the way their subjects remember them: as such, the memory may not be an accurate depiction of events.

Dreamers- Dreamers can enter the dreams of sleeping Pokemon as observers. Like Recallers, Dreamers perceive the dreams the way their subjects do.

Hunters- Hunters find what they seek, as long as they know what they are seeking. It has to be tangible object, though, and one the Hunter is familiar with. While Hunters are the Callers least likely to throw rampages, they are disproportionately predators, and tend to go General Zaroff on their fellow Pokemon if not carefully controlled.

  • No Godmodding unless you want to be mysteriously assassinated. No bunnying without permission.
  • If you spam, flame, or harass anyone, you will get the boot.
  • If you try to RP a legendary, I will reject you out of hand.
  • Everything goes in this RP except for explicit lust scenes. Gore? Excellent. Doing it? Fade to black. If you really want to write a lemon, stick to PM, and don’t send it to me.
  • I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT YOUR SIGN UP IF I BELIEVE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT. I will tell you what’s wrong if that happens. If you do not fix what’s wrong, or have new problems, I will tell you. If you send too many garbage SUs, I will reject you.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions.

Sign up Sheet:

Name: (You should know this: note that most Mons keep their names secret and go by their species’ name in this RP)
Gender: (I’m not going to tell you how to figure this out)
Age: (Most Pokemon live the same amount of time in human years, with the exception of a few really long lived or immortal mons)
Species: (What the frack are you? Also note what kind of Caller you are here, if applicable)
Allegiance: (What team do you swing for?)
Appearance: (Images are fine, but I still need a paragraph of description minimum. Focus less on the typical species traits, and more on identifiers of the individual that differentiates them from others. And no, Shininess does not, on its own, count as an individual trait (do mention it, though, if applicable). There are multiple shiny Pokemon of the same species)
Personality: (WHO is your character? Give me about two paragraphs worth)
Background: (Why is your character the way he or she is? What shaped him or her into what he or she is? If you want to keep your character obscure, start after the parts you want to keep concealed. If you really really REALLY want to keep your character a secret, PM this to me. Minimum three paragraphs)




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