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Default Re: Route 7

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Finally Back

I come back from Miasma. Everything was normal, the haze was gone too. Everything looks as it was before this ever happened. The Route 7 sign was just a step away, so naturally I hurried along.

Still, Serena and Saffron were gone, most likely warped back to their original areas. I had no idea where they were. I can only infer that Saffron is back in Apollo taking on challengers. Sure has been a while since I battled normally.

"So now we're on Route 7 for 36 hours?" Typhlosion asked.

"Yep. Then we're heading to Aurora and then to Route 8. It will only take about 36 hours from Route 8 to Sirius City as well." I smiled.

"Is there a leader in Sirius?" Typhlosion questioned.

"Yes. It's actually Quinn's sister. She masters Water and Bug types." I frowned. Typhlosion would have a difficult time against those water types. Even he realized.

"So you won't be using me will you?" He looked down.

"I'll try to fit you in somewhere." I cheered him up. "For now, let's just get traveling!"
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