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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Artemis
Party: Eevee
Currently: Watching Cobalt catch Meowth (nothing witty here today X3)

Artemis, who had been both annoyed and amused by Cobalt's antics, had taken to the sidelines to watch him engage the cat in a battle. It was obvious what his intentions were, to snag the normal type and add it to his team.

Kirlia was pretty impressive, as was the Meowth. Both exchanged blows, but in the end it was the former how had gained the upper hand.

Cobalt, not wanting to miss his chance, chucked a Pokéball at the feline

Would it work...?

Meanwhile, Eevee's gaze had gone from the battle to the rest of the route. What else could be out there...?

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