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Default Re: Route 1

Name: Cobalt
Party: Kirlia
Currently: Time to catch some pokemonz!

Suddenly I saw a meowth run into a nearby bush. I stopped and grabbed Artemis' arm with one hand and Kirlia's pokeball with another.
"Cobalt what the hell..." began Artemis before I told her to shut up.
"There is a meowth in those bushes." I whispered pointing.
"Not again. Cobalt calm down this is..." she started again.
"I am dead serious, just be quiet for a few minutes. I don't want to scare it away." I whispered. Silently I let Kirlia out of the pokeball.
"Kirlia, teleport in front of it, then Psychic." I whispered. Kirlia's eyes glowed, and suddenly he disappeared. A second later there was a rustling in the bushes and a loud "REOW!". Suddenly there was a deep 'BOOM' as a telekinetic pulse pushed blew past us, knocking the leaves off the bush, Meowth out of the bush, and almost pushing Artemis and I over.
"Holy crap you were right." Artemis said.
Meowth turned to face Kirlia, with a snarl on its face. Suddenly its fangs turned black, and it ran towards Kirlia, mouth wide open.
"Kirlia, that is bite, don't let it hit you! You are weak to it." I yelled out. Kirlia jumped back then teleported. Suddenly he reappeared behind meowth, who instantly turned around and pounced on Kirlia. It must have heard him. Meowth had Kirlia pinned down, and was slashing at him with its sharp claws.
"Kirlia! Psychic again!" I yelled out. There was another deep 'BOOM' and meowth was pushed off Kirlia. The Meowth turned around, and began to ran towards Kirlia.
"Lure it into the bushes and teleport out!" I yelled. Kirlia ran into the bushes, and the Meowth followed close behind him. When they were both in bushes, Kirlia reappeared in front of us.
"Now quickly, Magical leaf with the bushes!" I said. The bushes began to glow and the leaves flew inside the bush. From where I stood I could hear meowth screeching.
"Okay that's enough Kirlia, stop now." I said pulling a pokeball from my bag. The leaves stopped glowing, and I threw the pokeball into the bushes, hoping to hear the 'ping' of success...

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