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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
(Sorry if this is considered double posting. Nobody posted here in the two hours Artemis and Cobalt were in Andromeda town)
Name: Cobalt
Party: Kirlia
Currently: Entering Route 1

After what seemed like years, but was only a week and a half, Artemis and I have finally left Andromeda, with no intent to return any time soon. As we walked along the path, I was jumping at every noise, hoping it was a wild pokemon, to the point where I accidentally sent out Kirlia a few times.
"Cobalt calm down," laughed Artemis, "I have had Eevee as long as you have had Kirlia. You even evolved your pokemon. You techincally have owned more than me. But I am not throwing pokeballs left, right and center at moving bushes." Artemis laughed.
"Yeah, but you don't have an overachieving cousin who caught 4 in his first day." I replied. My cousin Crimson is 2 years older than me. He went on the same journey I am going on 2 years ago. He is somewhere in Hoenn now.
"I have had a pokemon for over a week and a half, and caught NOTHING," I said.
"What about the pikachu?" Artemis replied, "Technically you caught it."
"That doesn't count." I replied, "that was someones pokemon I was returning. Crimson had 4 in his 1st day!"
"Whatever." Artemis replied, obviously giving up reasoning with me.
I continued to walk, hoping I would have a chance to catch a pokemon soon...
(Double posting is fine as long as it's been 2 hours since your last post!)

Official's Post

You hear a rustling sound nearby and almost jump with anticipation. This is what you've been waiting for! A small, cat-like Pokemon dashes across the path and into a bush on the other side. Ah-ha!

Wild Meowth appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you wanna catch it!
Currently hiding in the bushes.
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