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Default Re: Zenith Town

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Back to Zenith Town!

Sarah slowly awoke to find herself lying under the stars in Zenith Town. She sat bolt upright - she had to fight them... but... wait. She looked around. Everything seemed back to normal. There were no shadows. Finally she remembered fully what had happened. They had managed to hold off the shadows in The Miasma for now. She checked her bag, inside were a number of gifts from The Emissary. And also... an egg.

Sarah had traded in her Egg Voucher right before she was transported to The Miasma. In all the worry she had almost completely forgotten about the egg hidden deep inside her bag. She pulled it out now, hoping that it was okay. The egg still felt warm. Inside she could hear something moving. Maybe it was close to hatching! She cradled the egg in her arms and checked over her Pokeballs, making sure each of her partners was safely inside.

She looked around, but the town seemed quiet. She hoped everyone had made it back alright. She hadn't even thought to ask her new friends where they were in Celestia... she hoped that she would meet them again someday. All of a sudden, she felt kind of lonely. She released Aster from his Pokeball. The little Bulbasaur looked up at her and smiled. She pulled him into a tight hug. "You did great back there," she whispered. "Thank-you Aster."

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