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Second Character!
I mostly assume you have considered status problems...
I also put a brief description of the Pokemon's general attitude

Name: Gerald Benson
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: He really isn't a pleasant person. He is rather rude and is fairly inconsiderate. He simply is not a nice guy.
Appearance: He is relatively average height and weight. He has blonde hair and black eyes. His suit is based off of his Ariados aside from the color scheme. It has features mimicing Ariados, but it is green and glows a rather unpleasant purple.
History: He was from a lower class family. An accident left him orphaned. He grew up in an orphanage somewhere in Kanto. This was a fairly unpleasant experience to him. He left the orphanage as soon as he could and started a journey with a Spinarak he managed to capture there.
His travels took him through a few regions. He captured a houndour which was trained into a houndoom. They got along fairly well. He also acquired a Sneasel that never evolved. They were a alright. Gerald also aquired a Flygon which was caught as a Trapinch. This one does not get along with her trainer at all. Of course, his Spinarak evolved sometime during the journey.
Gerald finds himself invited to some strange game. He decides to find out what this is about.
Link: Ariados
Twin Stingers: Gerald takes advantage of a couple of dagger-like stingers that expose themselves when he punches. It is a remnant of Ariados's Twin Needle attack. It deals bug type damage and has the capability to give a "poisoned" status to the unfortunate target.
Toxic Webbing: An attack taking advantage of Ariados's Spider web and Venoshock. It ensnares the Target and deals damage to a target that is "poisoned."
Stinging Barrage: An attack taking advantage of the ranged capabilites of Ariados's Poison Sting attack. It does deal low damage but compensates with quantity as well as venom. It deals poison type damage and can leave the target with a poisoned status.
Venostrike: Gerald throws a full power, reckless punch. This attack pulls power from both Twin Needle and Venoshock. It deals both Bug type damage and Poison type damage. It may inflict a "poisoned" status and will inflict extra damage if the target is "poisoned" or if the target becomes "poisoned." It is a fairly desperate last strike move.

In case of rivals:
Scorn/Ariados (male) [Loyal Companion... may not always agree though]
Twin Needle, Venoshock, Spider Web, Poison Sting
Lyle/Houndoom (male) [Loyal, Cruel, and loving it]
Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Crunch
Isis/Sneasel (female) [there are words...also rumored insane]
Faint Attack, Blizzard, Hail, False Swipe
Saand/Flygon (female) [mostly ignores trainer]
Sandstorm, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Dig
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